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Remnant 2 loadouts are “on the list” of updates amid player outcry

Gunfire Games strikes gold with Remnant 2's combat, and now the soulslike developer confirms a simple tweak is on the way to take it to another level.

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Gunfire Games ensures that Remnant 2 has so many brilliant guns to use across its gorgeous worlds, and it can be a daunting task to pick your favorites from the best Remnant 2 weapons. You’ll be managing your inventory regularly in your quest to defeat The Root, but as you craft your Gunslinger or Hunter, one simple yet seemingly overlooked feature could make Remnant 2’s inventory slicker.

No matter which archetype you choose out of the Remnant 2 classes, you won’t be able to set yourself an easy-to-switch loadout. Fans of the game believe this could be the key to unlocking even more potential with Remnant 2’s combat, as Redditor ‘onesadsandwich‘ pleads for Gunfire Games to “please make loadouts. You have literally give us like 200 items to attempt to remember to auto swap to, [but] for the love of god help a brother out I can’t keep sifting through my 71 rings.”

Gunfire Games principal designer Ben Cureton comments “it’s on the list, my friend.” Despite a lack of timeline for when the change might be added, its an encouraging sign toward improving the existing experience. Issues like the Remnant 2 PS5 invite situation are severely impacting Remnant 2 multiplayer, but alongside the implementation of loadouts in the future, players shouldn’t have to wait too long for a hotfix.

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Currently, if you want to experiment with different builds, you’ll need to continuously swap items out. While this might be fine in other shooters, the soulslike element of Remnant 2 means there is always a threat to be aware of. Changing to different guns or equipping other items turns into a risk/reward scenario in itself, but loadouts could make this more forgiving.

Other players like ‘MrBeardmeister’ believe that “a filter specifically for certain keywords” would be a welcome addition alongside loadouts. The Redditor explains that adding searchable filters would aid loadout creation, so that when they are “building a mod build, I can just hit ‘Mod’ and everything that has to do with mods will pop up to make sifting easier.”

While multiplayer issues are ironed out and loadouts are worked on, there is time to check out Remnant 2 walkthrough if you come across any formidable challenges or obstacles you can’t quite get past. You can make your adventure even easier with the best Remnant 2 amulets too, giving you a much needed buff when you decide to brave Remnant 2 hardcore mode.