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Remnant 2 best amulets

Get an overview of which of the Remnant 2 best amulets outrank the rest and are worth equipping onto your build, no matter the class you are using.

Remnant 2 Best Amulets: Reggie can be seen

Wondering about the best Remnant 2 amulets? Your character can only wear one amulet at any given time in the game and as such, it’s important to consider the buffs and effects for each one. Some might also be valuable depending on your class or build. This Remnant 2 best amulets guide discusses the top accessories that you can find as you explore the game world.

With the game now out on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. With numerous items to discover, you might want to know which ones are viable in the long run alongside the best Remnant 2 weapons, best Remnant 2 rings, best Remnant 2 mods, and best Remnant 2 mutators. These choices were picked out after extensive playtime for our Remnant 2 review.

Remnant 2 best amulets

The best amulets in Remnant 2 are:

  • 1. Butcher’s Fetish
  • 2. Indignant Fetish
  • 3. Shock Device
  • 4. Rusted Navigator’s Pendant
  • 5. Death’s Embrace
  • 6. Soul Anchor
  • 7. Vengeance Idol
  • 8. Talisman of the Sun
  • 9. Ankh of Power
  • 10. Escalation Protocol
  • 11. Shaed Bloom Crystal
  • 12. One True King Sigil

For this guide, we’ve chosen 12 of the best. Given the dynamic campaign progression feature, your run will be different to ours and as such, we advise you to explore and be on the lookout for gear pieces that you can acquire. These amulets are in no particular order.

Remnant 2 Best Amulets: The Butcher's Fetish can be seen


Butcher’s Fetish

  • Location: Ward 13 – Sold by Reggie for 1,000 Scrap.
  • Effect: +15% critical chance and +25% critical damage for 15 seconds after hitting an enemy with a charged melee attack.
  • Tips: Given that you’ll often end up hitting enemies from up close with your melee weapons, you’ll need something that can further boost the damage.

Remnant 2 Best Amulets: The Indignant Fetish can be seen

Indignant Fetish

  • Location: Losomn – Morrow Parish — On a ledge overlooking a street near the entrance.
  • Effect: Taking damage from enemies increases all damage dealt by +25% and reduces all damage taken by 10%; lasts 20 seconds.
  • Tips: During our initial playthrough, we ended up in Morrow Parish (as part of the Nightweaver boss quest). Needless to say, the Indignant Fetish became our go-to amulet due to its effect.

Remnant 2 Best Amulets: The Shock Device can be seen

Shock Device

  • Location: Losomn – Morrow Sanitorium — Found in the basement inside a small cell. You’ll need to go through a crawlspace.
  • Effect: +20% shock damage and +50% overloaded damage.
  • Tips: In most cases, you probably won’t rely on shock damage too much. However, if you like using the Enigma, which we consider as one of the best handguns in the game, then this will be a top-tier amulet option since it shoots a stream of electric beams.

Remnant 2 Best Amulets: The Rusted Navigator Pendant can be seen

Rusted Navigator’s Pendant

  • Location: N’erud – Astropath’s Respite — Found in a room at the top of the spire just before you battle the dungeon’s boss.
  • Effect: Grants +15 health, +15 stamina, and -15 armor encumbrance.
  • Tips: While it might not seem like much at first, the Rusted Navigator’s Pendant does grant you flat bonuses to your stats. Lowering your encumbrance is also great since it speeds up your dodge animation and decreases stamina costs.

Remnant 2 Best Amulets: The Death's Embrace can be seen

Death’s Embrace

  • Location: Yaesha – Forbidden Grove — Sold by Bedel of the Vaunnt for 1,000 Scrap.
  • Effect: +20% damage when your health is below 100%; gain haste effect when below 50% health.
  • Tips: If you started in the Yaesha biome looking for the Ravager, then, chances are, you’ll meet Bedel. This amulet is amazing since you won’t always be at max HP, which means the damage buff also has a high uptime. It’s fairly decent if you rely on tankier teammates, too, so you can stay at the back to shoot enemies with firearms.

Remnant 2 Best Amulets: The Soul Anchor can be seen

Soul Anchor

  • Location: Yaesha – Bloodmoon Altar — Can be purchased for 10 Blood Moon Essence, 3 Lumenite Crystals, and 1,000 Scrap.
  • Effect: Summoning increases all damage dealt by 20% for 30 seconds.
  • Tips: The Summoner archetype is unlocked by buying the Faded Grimoire from the Bloodmoon Altar. Naturally, if you want to make the most out of it, then you’ll also need the Soul Anchor for the damage boost.

Remnant 2 Best Amulets: The Vegenance Idol can be seen

Vengeance Idol

  • Location: Yaesha – Kaeula’s Rest — Found in one of the chambers in the dungeon.
  • Effect: +30% damage when your health is below 50%
  • Tips: Death’s Embrace is the better option in most cases, though Vengeance Idol offers a bigger damage buff. You do need to keep your health below 50%, which is for finely-tuned builds that rely on low HP, damage reduction, and bulwark stacks.

Remnant 2 Best Amulets: The Talisman of the Sun can be seen

Talisman of the Sun

  • Location: Yaesha – Imperial Gardens — Make your way to the back section of the dungeon and open the ornate chest.
  • Effect: +20% fire damage and +50% burning damage.
  • Tips: This is one of the Remnant 2 best amulets if you often use the Hotshot mod, which causes your gun to spew flaming bullets. If you also have a fully-automatic weapon, then this will incinerate your enemies with ease.

Remnant 2 Best Amulets: The Ankh of Power can be seen

Ankh of Power

  • Location: Root Earth – Ashen Wasteland — Found inside the two-story facility that looks like the Ward 13 building.
  • Effect: +15% damage; consuming a relic doubles this bonus for 15 seconds.
  • Tips: This is yet another damage-boosting amulet and one that doesn’t rely on lowering your HP just to take effect.

Remnant 2 Best Amulets: TheEscalation protocol can be seen

Escalation Protocol

  • Location: Root Earth – Corrupted Harbor — After clearing the engine room encounter, go through the side path to reach an open area. Take out the Evil Ent elite, and grab this item from the rotting pod.
  • Effect: +2.5% damage dealt for 10 seconds after killing an enemy; stacks up to 10 times; dealing damage refreshes the duration.
  • Tips: Although you’ll obtain this fairly late in the campaign, the Escalation Protocol is still worth the wait. It’s one of the best amulets in Remnant 2 due to the stacking damage bonus, which mostly relies on consistently eliminating hostiles.

Remnant 2 Best Amulets: A person can be seen getting the amulet

Shaed Bloom Crystal

  • Location: Losomn – Malefic Palace — You’ll encounter a Jester in the cellar of the Beatific Palace. Proceed onward until you complete the Card Jester’s puzzle in the Malefic Palace. Look for the cellar in this location, specifically the room with the pile of bones.
  • Effect: Gain a +30% damage bonus, alternating between physical and elemental damage every five seconds.
  • Tips: You’ll always gain a damage buff no matter what. The only caveat is that you need to be mindful of whether you have the physical buff or elemental buff, due to the constant switching.

Remnant 2 Best Amulets: Nimue can be seen with the amulet

One True King Sigil

  • Location: Losomn – Nimue’s Retreat — You need to defeat Faerin and Faelin in two separate runs, while also talking to their counterparts once you’re done with each fight. Doing so nets you the Faerin’s Sigil and Faelin’s Sigil, both of which are required to craft this item via Nimue.
  • Effect: Increases mod damage by 20%; enhances the effects of Faerin’s Sigil and Faelin’s Sigil by 50% per sigil equipped.
  • Tips: Both sigils offer decent boosts, which can be further increased thanks to this amulet. The only downside is that they’re also used for crafting, which means you need to do more Adventure Mode runs to reacquire them. You can learn about other secret rewards in our Nimue crafting items guide.

And that’s it: that’s everything you need to know about the Remnant 2 best amulets. Since you’re looking for other great gear pieces and accessories, you might want to check out our guide on the best Remnant 2 class to find out which one is right for you if you are still experimenting. For other tips, you can visit our Remnant 2 walkthrough article.