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Remnant 2 best mutators

Find out what the Remnant 2 best mutators are that can change up your playstyle or compliment your class you are using on PS5, Xbox, or PC.

remnant-2-best-mutators: A Challenger can be seen

Eager to find out what the Remnant 2 best mutators are? All weapons in the game have a mutator slot, allowing you to add a particular item that provides new effects or buffs. Mods require activation but mutators offer passive boosts.

With the game available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, you’ll have a lot of loot to discover in your campaign runs. You might want to know which loot is worth keeping to ensure you are using the best Remnant 2 weapons, best Remnant 2 amulets, best Remnant 2 rings, and best Remnant 2 mods. These choices were picked out after extensive playtime for our Remnant 2 review.

Remnant 2 best mutators

The best Remnant 2 mutators are:

  • 1. Battery
  • 2. Deadly Calm
  • 3. Dervish
  • 4. Slayer
  • 5. Striker
  • 6. Vengeful Strike
  • 7. Transpose
  • 8. Timewave
  • 9. Overdrive
  • 10. Momentum

We’ve chosen ten of the best Remnant 2 mutators. Because of the dynamic campaign progression feature, your advancement through the story might be different from ours. As such, we suggest exploring various areas to obtain more loot and eventually come across these. Please note that these mutators are in no particular order.

As an aside, Dwell, a merchant in Ward 13, can also upgrade your Mutators, granting them another boost upon reaching level 10. You’ll need to spend Corrupted Lumenite Crystals, which drop from various bosses in dungeons.

remnant-2-best-mutators: Dwell can be seen

Battery, Deadly Calm, Dervish, Slayer

Some of the best Remnant 2 Mutators are sold by Dwell in Ward 13. You can purchase them by spending Relic Dust and Scrap.


  • Default effect: Ranged hits increase the next weak spot hit by 10% per stack; maximum of five stacks.
  • Upgraded effect: At max stacks, the next weak spot hit deals +15% additional damage over three seconds.
  • Tips: This is a good option for those who like using the Hunter class due to its focus on precision hits.

Deadly Calm

  • Default effect: Continuously aiming increases ranged damage by up to 10% over three seconds.
  • Upgraded effect: Your ranged critical hit chance is increased by 10%.
  • Tips: Considering how often you aim-down-sights while targeting foes, you’ll likely benefit from this buff.


  • Default effect: Increases melee damage by 20% for 10 seconds when you activate a skill.
  • Upgraded effect: Melee kills reduce skill cooldowns by 5%; triggers once every five seconds.
  • Tips: Dervish is a good option for players that like to get into the thick of the fray.


  • Default effect: Reloading increases the damage of this weapon’s next shot by 10%; lasts three seconds.
  • Upgraded effect: Increases reload speed by 15%.
  • Tips: Slayer is viable if you prefer single-shot weapons, as you’ll often reload to get the buff.

remnant-2-best-mutators: The player can be seen fighting a boss


  • Location: Losomn – Morrow Sanatorium — Once the Ripsaw boss spawns in the front yard, you can run all the way back to the basement. Hide in the crawlspace while shooting its foot to kill it. This nets you the mutator.
  • Default effect: Melee hits increase melee damage by 3% for 10 seconds; maximum of five stacks.
  • Upgraded effect: Increases movement speed by 3% per stack.
  • Tips: Striker is a great pick for you if you prefer melee combat.

remnant-2-best-mutators: The player can be seen in an arena

Vengeful Strike

  • Location: Labyrinth – Shifting Portal — Once you reach the shifting portal (i.e., the one with multiple destinations), look to your left and drop down to reach a ledge. Continue along the path and take out the Bastion boss for this mutator. You’ll also find the Labyrinth Staff in the same area.
  • Default effect: Increases melee damage by 20% when below 50% max HP.
  • Upgraded effect: Increases melee critical strike chance by 15% when below 50% max HP.
  • Tips: Certain builds and playstyles tend to rely on higher defense and bulwark, at the cost of being at low HP, making this a good option for increased damage.

remnant-2-best-mutators: The player can be seen in a fight


  • Location: N’erud – Void Vessel Facility — Head deeper into the dungeon and take out the WD-109 boss.
  • Default effect: Picking up ammo increases ranged damage by 10% for 20 seconds.
  • Upgraded effect: Ammo pickups are added directly to this weapon’s magazine.
  • Tips: Machine guns, automatic rifles, and full-auto pistols gain a huge benefit from this since you’ll have more ammo in the mag.

remnant-2-best-mutators: The player can be seen looking at an item


  • Location: N’erud – Astropath’s Respite — As you’re exploring this dungeon, you’ll come across a dark purple portal, which leads to the Restless Spirit boss fight.
  • Default effect: Using your weapon mod skill also applies the slow effect to nearby enemies for 3.5 seconds.
  • Upgraded effect: Increases the weapon’s ranged damage by 15% against enemies affected by slow.
  • Tips: Timewave is quite decent, especially since many enemies in the game tend to bunch up together in cramped areas, allowing you to inflict the slow status effect when you shoot them while your mod is active.

remnant-2-best-mutators: The player can be seen fighting a boss


  • Location: Yaesha – The Lament — Solve The Lament Remnant 2 puzzle and take out the Wither boss.
  • Default effect: Melee critical hits increase melee crit chance and damage by 5% for 7.5 seconds; maximum of five stacks.
  • Upgraded effect: Additional 20% melee critical damage.
  • Tips: Overdrive is yet another melee mutator that causes you to deal higher damage.

remnant-2-best-mutators: The player can be seen fighting a boss


  • Location: Yaesha – Imperial Gardens — There’s a boss known as the Mantagora that’s flying around this dungeon. Find a good vantage point and take it out.
  • Default effect: When your ranged weapon deals a critical hit, gain 1.5% crit chance and crit damage for three seconds – maximum of 10 stacks.
  • Upgraded effect: Critical hits add two stacks; increasing the duration by two seconds.
  • Tips: Momentum is one of the best Remnant 2 mutators due to its effect. As long as you keep getting critical hits with your ranged weapons, you’ll have high uptime with the buff. This is perfect for fully-automatic firearms.

With the Remnant 2 best mutators. While you’re searching for various gear pieces and armaments to build out a great class, you might want to check out our guide on the best Remnant 2 class and best Remnant 2 traits to see which is for you. For other tips, you can visit our Remnant 2 walkthrough article.