Remnant 2 PS5 invite issue is the game’s biggest boss fight yet

The ongoing Remnant 2 PS5 invite issue continues to stop Gunslingers and Hunters from defeating The Root together in Gunfire Games' soulslike shooter.

Remnant 2 PS5 invite update patch

If you’re heading into Remnant 2 early access on PlayStation 5, then you’re probably eager to rally your friends together as you defeat all manner of horrifying bosses. Unfortunately, a frustrating Remnant 2 PS5 invite problem is putting those dreams to an end, and you can’t rely on Remnant 2 crossplay to solve it either. Now, developer Gunfire Games promises that this technical gremlin will be defeated.

“Thank you to everyone who has reported game issues today. We are aware of the following issues and are looking into them with the hopes of a quick resolution,” says the developer on the official Remnant 2 Twitter page. Specifically, issues regarding “invites not working on PS5, Steam DX12 error / Out of memory error, [and] Survival Pack on PS5 not being redeemable” are on the list of bugs to iron out.

With the Remnant 2 release date extremely close, a hotfix should be ready before non-early access players dive in. For those of you already enjoying the game, Gunfire Games offers a temporary solution to the problem that should work for “most players.” However, in our experience with this suggestion, it didn’t appear to remedy the problem. The developer advises the following:

  • Go to the crystal
  • Go to ‘Join Game’
  • Below each area shown, anyone on your friends list who is in-game will have their username shown under a small dot, click it to join them
  • If you have a large friends list, this process is not working and it’s not prioritizing your friends list like it should. You may need to exit the game and hit ‘Join Game’ again.
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Naturally, players who have pre-ordered the game for early access aren’t happy, with fans like ‘Danadriel88‘ commenting that “we pay €20 more to play [this] edition three days in advance and we can’t do something [as] basic that like invite our friends to play.” There is an alternative to the method set out by the developer, that we also tested in a recent playthrough. It did work, but you’ll need to be patient as it requires a lot of world refreshing.

Twitter user ‘shelly taylor‘ suggests changing the “difficulty to Nightmare to narrow the search down […] not sure if it will work for everyone but it worked [for me].” Remnant 2 multiplayer is a big draw for the Souls-like shooter, forgoing a lot of the processes it takes to spawn players into your world like in Elden Ring, the Dark Souls trilogy, and Demon Souls. When the invite system works, you can simply jump into your friend’s world and get into the action.

Remnant 2 PS5 invite

Gunfire Games is conscious of the impact the issue is having, promising that “we are continuing to work on known issues (e.g. PS5 friend invite issue), and will be addressing any new issues that have been brought to our attention.”

As each world and its enemies are procedurally generated, the game often jumps from eerie sci-fi planets to mythical fantasy lands. But no matter when you end up, you’ll need to choose your Remnant 2 classes and the best Remnant 2 weapons wisely.