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Remnant 2 builds are in danger of lacking variety across multiplayer

Tackling the many Remnant 2 bosses is made easy with sturdy Remnant 2 builds, but fans of the soulslike shooter are worried players aren't versatile enough.

Remnant 2 builds

There’s room for lots of experimentation in Remnant 2, and you can tap into pretty easily across all the Remnant 2 classes. Though more classes are on the way, and some are yet to be found, fans of the Gunfire Games shooter are hoping the game still feel varied – especially when meeting new allies in co-op. As one of the best multiplayer games available right now, maybe it’s time to try out some other build types.

Citing the Remnant 2 trait cap as a contributor to the issue, Remnant 2 player ‘Axalie’ vents that “after 45 hours of co-op with random players, and 100 hours in general, I don’t understand how trait cap = build diversity.” The trait cap, which saw improvements in the latest Remnant 2 update, sits at 65 total points – far lower than the highs of its predecessor. Of course, Remnant 2 is still young and with three DLCs on the way, that cap is sure to increase over time.

However, as players dig into the game’s worlds, Axalie expresses “if they’re not they’re still most likely Hunter/Gunslinger, [then] there’s the occasional full party Regen healer and Archon mod user […] I rarely see Summoner, Engineer, Explorer and Invader.”

So after 45ish hours of coop with randos, and 100 hours in general, I don’t understand how trait cap = build diversity.
by u/Axaile in remnantgame

We definitely see why the Gunslinger class is more prominent: it is badass. Using the Quick Draw skill is undoubtedly scratching a Red Dead Redemption-style itch for some players, and its ammo/reload buffs are too good to pass up. In fact, in our own experience, we’ve paired it with the Challenger Archetype with great results. There is a danger of players potentially spending their trait points on maximizing damage, rather than being a team player in some situations.

“I thought the trait cap wouldn’t bother me […] I spent 200–250 hours in Remnant From The Ashes and I can’t even muster 40 in Remannt 2,” says ‘Grimlockgraves‘. The frustrated player adds that the “trait cap was a big misstep. I can’t make my build from the first game. I can hardly go melee on any difficultly over nightmare […] the foundation is solid, but the lack of diversity in builds.”

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Remnant 2’s offers melee elements, but the game’s bosses are more often than not defeated with rifles, shotguns, and SMGs from the Remnant 2 best weapons list. There are some excellent melee weapons to use, like the Spectral Blade, Ornate Blade, Gas Giant, and the Atom Splitter. The Ornate Blade in tandem with a great mutator can make close-quarters skirmishes a breeze.

Regardless, you’ll be hard-pressed to defeat the game’s harder bosses with these kinds of weapons – even if your build supports it. In that respect, ‘Hiero_Glyph‘ argues that “there are some traits that force difficult choices, the vast majority of them are strictly ignored. At least in Remnant 1 you eventually saw value in every trait. In Remnant 2 most traits are fodder that may as well not exist.”

While we await what the first DLC holds for Remnant 2, there are ways to try and spice up your builds in the meantime. Equipping selections from the best Remnant 2 weapons mods can help keep things moving between you and your co-op buddies. Switching between these Remnant 2 amulets will require a shift in gameplay style, too.