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Remnant 2’s most secretive class is staring you right in the face

There are plenty of secrets in Gunfire Games' soulslike shooter, but Remnant 2 secret class is a hidden archetype waiting to be found in an obvious place.

Remnant 2 secret classes hidden archetypes

Picking an Archetype out of all the Remnant 2 classes is vital for survival, but there are other choices to look out for. Remnant 2 secret classes are all over the game’s universe, but this one, in particular, is meant to be discovered – as long as you’re slick enough to decipher Remnant 2’s game files. You’ll want to follow Gunfire Games’ simple yet effective plan for unlocking it in Remnant 2.

If you want to find this secret class, principal designer Ben Cureton explains that “to unlock the Archon in Remnant 2, one must penetrate the code itself. We knew we couldn’t stop datamining, so we leaned into it.” The Archon is a Remnant 2 hidden class within the soulslike shooter, giving players greater enhancements for the best Remnant 2 weapons and Mod power generation. While you’ve been playing the game, the files and existence of this class have in the open, ripe for someone to put the pieces together. 

Cureton explains that Gunfire Games “created an entire Archetype that could be shared with the community once revealed by those with the ability to see between worlds.” Clues toward the game’s secrets were teased prior by Cureton, who says that “The Red Door has been opened in Remnant 2. You can’t stop datamining. It’s to be expected.”

The Red Door can be found in The Labyrinth, a surreal maze-like world that includes multiple portals to locations across the game like Beatific Palace and Yaesha. Dataminers are prevalent when it comes to games with regular updates, as files for future content are often embedded ahead of time.

Remnant 2 Archton archetype class

To save you the trouble of getting lost across the game’s vast universe, we’d made it easy to unlock the Remnant 2 Archon class with a nifty guide. While it is a versatile addition to the game’s diverse array of Archetypes and weaponry, some players have conjured up a no damage build that is beyond broken – in the best way, of course.

Once you have acquired the Archon class, or whatever Archetype you desire to use in-game, it is important to buff them properly too. So, no matter where your adventure takes you, use the best Remnant 2 traits and you’ll be demolishing all the game’s bosses with nothing but ease.