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This incredible Remnant 2 no damage build is beyond broken

If you're struggling with Remnant 2 on Xbox and PS5, you should try this beyond broken no damage build before developer Gunfire Games updates it to remove it.

Remnant 2 no damage build: an image of a Handler class character from the soulslike shooter

To our surprise, Remnant 2 has quickly become one of the best RPG games available right now. Both a soulslike and a shooter, this game dodge-rolls the fine line between the two genres to deliver a standout experience that’s a huge improvement on its predecessor. That being said, though, it isn’t always as easy as it could be to work out what makes the best Remnant 2 classes tick. One player, though, has already uncovered the absolute best Remnant 2 no damage build – just a couple of days after launch. Bypassing the apparent damage reduction cap, this build is beyond broken and genuinely makes you invincible in combat.

Avid dungeoneer ‘Revolutionary_Yam‘ has taken to the Remnant 2 subreddit to share footage of the ultimate no-damage build that somehow delivers on 100% damage reduction. This, as you might expect, completely negates all the damage the player takes and makes them effectively invincible. However, there is a catch and a caveat you need to be aware of.

It looks like achieving 100% damage reduction is only possible with the Engineer class – thanks to the damage reduction applied by the Magnetic Field perk when using a heavy weapon. Not only this, but you’re going to need to keep yourself at a lower health value using the Reprocessed Heart relic to take full advantage of the build in question.

If you’re wondering what you actually need to equip to take advantage of this build, you’re going to need to use some of the best Remnant 2 rings and best Remnant 2 amulets available. Here’s what ‘Revolutionary_Yam’ is using in the clip below:

  • Effigy Pendant – Amulet
  • Amber Moonstone – Ring
  • Restriction Cord – Ring
  • Hardened Coil – Ring
  • Rusted Heirloom – Ring
  • Reprocessed Heart – Relic

Beyond this, for this particular build, you’re going to need to have the Magnetic Field team perk equipped as an Engineer class character – something that offers additional damage reduction when using a heavy weapon.

Remnant 2 – Invincibility with 100% Damage Reduction (bypassing the cap)
by u/Revolutionary_Yam_87 in remnantgame

If, though, you’re interested in how this actually works – because it isn’t exactly as clear as it could be – ‘Revolutionary_Yam’ has actually added a rather in-depth explainer on how this bypasses the damage reduction cap and how they found themselves stumbling onto this build. You can read all of that here, but the topline is that the damage reduction cap seems to only apply when you combine base damage reduction and armor-based damage reduction. However, if one of these damage reduction values is higher than the 80% cap, it will go beyond that.

“We keep at low health by using the relic Reprocessed Heart making us get grey health instead… With barkskin and everything shown in the short clip you can reach the elusive 100% without any armor. It makes your character take no hit (no stagger registred at all)… if you don’t have 100% your grey health will disappear at the first hit taken. But with 100% your grey health ignore all hits”.

So, by removing all their armor items and only equipping the gear above – that boosts damage reduction – ‘Revolutionary_Yam’ has managed to bypass the damage reduction cap. We don’t know if this is an intentional exploit or a bug, but we have to imagine that it will be patched out in a future update soon.

So, while you’re hunting for the best Remnant 2 weapons and trying to unlock all the Remnant 2 secret classes, you should definitely check out this build if you can. You won’t have long to do it.