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Remnant 2 trait cap is an “annoyance” soulslike could improve upon

Remnant 2 traits take your build to new heights, but you'll need to spend your trait points wisely, an element of the Elden Ring rival frustrating players.

Remnant 2 trait cap

Across your Remnant 2 adventure, you’ll be earning trait points, a vital component to enhancing your Remnant 2 classes. While there is a lot of versatility in the game’s upgrades, Remnant 2 traits eventually meet a cap – making every decision vital. Though the game is young on PS5 and Xbox consoles, fans of the soulslike shooter are hoping to see improvements down the line for the Remnant 2 trait cap.

“You can swap Archetypes at will. You can swap skills at will […] So why can’t I change my traits whenever I want?” asks ‘KudosTYMGS‘ on the game’s subreddit. The Redditor vents concerns regarding the current Remnant 2 respec method, which requires players to completely undo their trait selections, should they wish to pool their points into others.

“Having to save up scrap to get an orb of undoing to reset my traits makes trying other builds feel awful[…] it feels like Gunfire is double-dipping the annoyance,” says the Redditor. Though the presence of a cap is understood, KudosTYMGS believes that the previous game handled it better “because you could either respec, get rid of the traits you didn’t really need in favor of the new ones you want to try OR you could simply continue to level up until you had your new traits filled out.”

In Remnant From The Ashes, the total trait cap was 880 for every trait in the game. This was originally 640 until Gunfire Games released the Swamps of Corsus DLC. Remnant 2 now caps your trait level at 60, making it virtually impossible to max out every available option for your respective builds, whether that is the Gunslinger, Archon, or Engineer.

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The importance of pooling points into the right traits bears more weight in Remnant 2, as the game allows players to use two archetypes at once after spending 10 points in total. That means you can choose to have the Handler class as your secondary archetype, utilizing healing and support buffs granted by your canine ally. However, prime perks can’t be used in this fashion. You’ll need to swap over the order of your archetype slots to do that.

Other players like ‘kingston3326‘ add that “it wouldn’t break the balance of the game in any way to bring the trait system back from the first remnant. Most high-priority traits that really make a difference are class specific now anyways.” Fans of Remnant 2’s predecessor agree, as ‘LoveTruffle’ comments “the continual trait progression was a large motivator in the first game.”

While developer Gunfire Games has acknowledged concerns like the Remnant 2 PS5 invite issue and the confirmation of Remnant 2 loadouts in the future, a tweak to the game’s trait cap is yet to be discussed officially. However, like From The Ashes, it is entirely possible that Remnant 2 DLC is on the way – so a trait cap increase could arrive with it.