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How to respec traits in Remnant 2

If you’re looking to adjust or restart your build to make it stronger, here’s how to respect traits in Remnant 2 for Xbox, PS5, and PC.

How to respec in Remnant 2: Wallace from Remnant 2 in front of the Orb of Undoing item

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be throwing points into random attributes early on in Remnant 2, but as you approach the latter half of the game, things can get fairly challenging. Fortunately, you can find out how to respec in Remnant 2, to make your build even stronger.

Whether you picked your favorite class or went for the best class in Remnant 2, respeccing your traits is a very important part of the game. Especially if you didn’t optimize your build early on. We spent a lot of time messing with our builds during our Remnant 2 review playthrough, so here’s how to pick your traits again in one of the best co-op games right now.

How to respec in Remnant 2

To respec your traits in Remnant 2, you’ll need to talk to Wallace in Ward 13 and purchase the Orb of Undoing item for three Lumenite Crystals and 2500 Scrap. When using the Orb of Undoing, it will return all spent Trait Points, allowing you to purchase traits from scratch.

Wallace can be difficult to find within the area of Ward 13, but he’s the same person who you received your class or “Archetype” from in the first hour or so of the game. For a refresher, he can be found up the stairs near the construction part of the area, in a little hut.

Considering some traits don’t unlock until later on in the game, the Orb of Undoing is a pretty important item. You can find Scrap and Lumenite Crystals in abundance, so this isn’t an expensive investment, but make sure to not waste resources by continuously respeccing. We’d recommend doing it when you feel your character is weaker than they should be.

Remnant 2 Respec: Wallace can be seen

Of course, traits are only half of what you need in order to survive the countless enemies in the game. We’d recommend checking out the best Remnant 2 weapons or best Remnant 2 mods to ensure you have a fighting chance. Since traits give a lot of passive bonuses, it’s helpful to actively ensure you can deal damage and survive major hits.

That’s how to respect traits in Remnant 2. If you want some extra help perfecting your build, you can always check out our Remnant 2 walkthrough which features plenty of guides to help you finish one of the best PS5 co-op games and best Xbox co-op games around.