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Redfall 60FPS mode arrives amid woeful lows for player count

Coming to the Arkane FPS five months after release on Xbox, Redfall finally has a performance mode, but it might not be enough to win players back to play it.

Redfall 60fps performance mode

FPS fans were disappointed in the Bethesda published Redfall earlier this year, and despite promises that the game would see improvements shortly after launch, the last five months have been silent – until now. With no prior announcement or hints to suggest it was coming soon, Redfall 60FPS mode is now live in the vampire shooter, but it might be a case of too little too late for most players.

A new Redfall patch is live now for Xbox players, which includes several stability improvements, and of course – a smoother frame rate. The developer notes that this update focuses on bringing “Performance Mode to Xbox Series S|X, stealth takedowns, new controller settings, Accessibility improvements, and much more.” Alongside those improvements, the game’s action gets taken up a few notches, as players can “explore an even more dangerous Redfall with an increased open world enemy population and new encounters.”

The update follows a state of disarray for the game, and a report that details Arkane wished to reboot Redfall, rather than rely on “Arkane magic.” The game’s divisive reputation hasn’t managed to conjure up the same kind of cult following that previous Arkane titles like Prey have enjoyed, leaving it far out of conversation for the best FPS games of 2023. The Loadout’s Redfall review notes that its “environmental storytelling is somewhat worth witnessing”, but unoptimized gameplay drags it down.

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With the Performance Mode now available, the developer is also appealing to the play styles of FPS players, by including other tweaks to how Redfall handles combat. The patch notes include “numerous improvements to default aim-assist and dead zone tuning, and more options for players to customize these settings for both controller and keyboard/mouse.” Furthermore, Arkane recommends the following configuration:

  • For fast-paced multiplayer FPS fans – Check out Medium, High, or Linear Input Response Presets as they tend to feel faster and more responsive overall
  • For slower single player FPS fans – Check out Default, Low, or Medium Input Response Presets as the slower response curves tend to feel like you have a little more precision over your aim

However, it seems unlikely that will inspire a resurrection of the game’s player base, following severe drops down into single digits. At one point, there were more people playing Prey, which released in 2017. However, if you feel compelled to give it another shot, here are the best Redfall weapons to use in your playthrough.