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Best Redfall weapons and guns

Find out what the best Redfall weapons and guns are to seek out as you are hunting down vampires and bringing them to an end on Xbox and PC.

Redfall Best Weapons: Devinder and Layla can be sen shooting Cultists

Out of the many guns you will pick up during your time in Redfall, you will want to be able to figure out what the best Redfall weapons and guns are. That way you can scrap or sell the stuff that isn’t worth keeping and hold onto the prized, deadly vampire killers and the unique Unrivaled weapons you can find in the open world.

Below, you can see a few key recommendations when it comes to guns that stand out, across the game’s different types and weapon categories. You can then pair these Redfall weapons with the abilities each of the Redfall characters has, as we did during our Redfall review.

Redfall best weapons

The best Redfall weapons and guns are:

  • Unrivaled Shotgun
  • Lockjaw
  • Stake Launcher
  • Flare Gun
  • Unrivaled UV Gun
  • Death Spiral
  • A Grave Mistake

Redfall Best Weapons: A player can be seen staking a vampire

Unrivaled Shotgun

To kick things off on this list, we suggest running with any Unrivaled Shotgun. Unrivaled weapons and guns are the best in the game and the highest rarity and as such are often the most unique and powerful. Shotguns are core to your arsenal in Redfall and having one that is better than the rest is a no-brainer.

Whether you are using a pump shotgun, semi-auto, or collapsed shotgun, each one has a unique playstyle and will fit a different player. So, it is worth testing them out and finding the one that works for you.


Lockjaw is one of the Unrivaled Shotguns and it is almost matched at close range. Its abilities grant you a 50% boost to accuracy, which is great when the vampires are darting around you, as well as 2 extra pellets per shot, allowing you to pup out more damage with each trigger pull.

The big bonus with this weapon though is that staking a vampire with it will heal you for 15% of your maximum HP. If you haven’t already found out, health is hard to maintain in Redfall so anything you can do to get it for free is a great addition, especially if you are able to pair it with Remi in co-op, who is our choice for the best Redfall character.

Redfall Best Weapons: Multiple players can be seen attacking an enemy

Stake Launcher

Generally, a great weapon type in Redfall is the Stake Launcher. Able to kill vampires instantly and do a bunch of damage, this weapon is a railgun of sorts, picking off vampires from a distance without too many issues.

You will find Stake Launchers throughout the world and all of them are great, but you will just have to prepare yourself for a lengthy reload animation. However, even with that issue, it can pair extremely well with a rifle or shotgun giving you complete control over a fight from both long-range and close-range.

Flare Gun

Similarly, the Flare Gun is also great at picking off vampires from a distance. Able to burn them into ashes with just one shot, these weapons will be your go-to in the early game, but if you find one good enough you can still use them in the late game.

These are great ways to dispatch a vampire amongst a large group of enemies quickly, or just to leave once stunned as it is burning while you focus on the grunts running around.

Unrivaled UV Gun

Similar to the Unrivaled Shotguns, the Unrivaled UV Guns are overpowered. They have a wide spread and can instantly petrify vampires, allowing you to melee them for a quick shatter and kill or deal more damage to them.

Really, you should always have a UV Gun in your back pocket in the late-game as you can easily get jumped by a vampire and it pairs well with a shotgun for a quick kill. A third weapon to have with it is a long-range Rifle which can help out with taking down cultists.

Redfall Best Weapons: Multiple players can be seen

Death Spiral

Pistol’s aren’t too useful past the early hours of Redfall. But, one that does stand out is the Unrivaled Death Spiral. This Desert Eagle-style handgun is immensely powerful and can have you taking down entire groups of enemies with just one clip.

It can be obtained super early while exploring Redfall and shouldn’t be skipped if you do stumble upon it.

A Grave Mistake

Finally, A Grave Mistake is our last recommendation. This rifle does have some overwhelming sights that are sort of tricky to aim through, but its power is unmatched in the rifle category.

Precision weapons aren’t too common in Redfall, but if you are looking for something that can pick off enemies from a distance, it isn’t a bad choice, especially with the health regeneration it gives you.

So there you have it, our picks for the best weapons and guns in Redfall. As you can see there are a lot of standouts amongst the whole arsenal in the game, but with at least one or two of these in your build and loadout, you should have no trouble at all when exploring the Redfall map. For even more tips and guides, be sure to check out our Redfall walkthrough article for even more advice while vampire-slaying.