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MW3 beta deploys staggering nerf to Battle Rage amid Shotzzy footage

OpTic Texas pro Shotzzy raises eyebrows with his usage of Battle Rage in MW3 at Call of Duty Next, prompting Sledgehammer Games to resolve it for the MW3 beta.

MW3 beta battle rage nerf shotzzy

The Modern Warfare 3 beta begins imminently, and is already having some of its feature nerfed before players even put their boots on the ground. That’s because OpTic Texas COD pro Anthony ‘Shotzzy‘ Cuevas-Castro highlights just how devastating returning Field Upgrades like Battle Rage can be in MW3, leading players to debate the latest Call of Duty game’s improvements.

During the recent Call of Duty Next broadcast, Shotzzy can be seen shredding up the opposition in MW3 multiplayer, barely breaking a sweat in the process. While the OpTic star’s skills aren’t under scrutiny, the usage of Battle Rage in combat has fans concerned about its overpowered nature. In the clip below, captured by content creator ‘NerosCinema’, the Call of Duty reporter observes that “Shotzzy took 21 shots (by my count) in 8 seconds and his health bar never dips below half.”

Calling for developer Sledgehammer Games to rectify the issue, NerosCinema pleas for the Modern Warfare 3 team to get this “sorted ASAP.” Not only is Battle Rage buffing Shotzzy’s health to withstand significant amounts of damage, but he can also use up to two charges of the Field Upgrade. Many players are hoping that Modern Warfare 3 can emerge as one of the best FPS games in recent memory, but divisive features like this could jeopardize that. However, Sledgehammer Games is quickly addressing the situation.

Tomorrow, in the Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Beta, players will experience tuning for Battle Rage that is in-line with our current vision for launch,” explains the developer. Acknowledging that the correct version of the Field Upgrade “wasn’t present in today’s showcase event”, Sledgehammer Games encourages players to “please continue to share feedback as you get hands-on experience! We’ll see you online.”

MW3 battle rage shotzzy optic texas

Meanwhile, Shotzzy hasn’t addressed the footage, but is eager to dip back into Modern Warfare 3 according to social media: “Anyone wanna hook it up and let me borrow a PS5 for the beta tomorrow?” In response, OpTic Gaming owner Hector H3CZ Rodriguez says that he can use another OpTic alumni’s console, commenting “you can borrow the one I left at Scump’s last time I was there.”

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