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MW3 Zombies gameplay debuts thanks to a new Call of Duty cereal

The first full look at Modern Warfare 3 Zombies is drawing closer, but two brief looks into the action-packed COD experience have dropped under the radar.

MW3 zombies gameplay

The tides have shifted drastically for COD Zombies as of late. Black Ops Cold War introduced the Dark Aether lore, Vanguard experimented with the gameplay formula – albeit to mixed results. Now, MW3 Zombies will shake up the classic Call of Duty mode again, bringing Modern Warfare 3 players a completely open-world experience. If you’ve been hoping to see some MW3 Zombies gameplay, then two bite size snippets are available for consumption.

We mean that in a literal sense, too, because this look arrives courtesy of a new collaboration between Call of Duty and OffLimits, a food brand aiming to deliver “delicious cereal and [a] band of mascots […] to help shake up the cereal aisle.” Their range consists of three different mascots (flavors), one of which is the appropriately named ‘Zombie’. Alongside a promotional video of the product, we can also the new rumored Warzone map in action too, that is allegedly the setting of MW3 Zombies.

The footage in question shows a horde of undead running toward the player, in what appears to be a desolate part of the upcoming map, allegedly called ‘Las Almas’. However, until the Call of Duty Next presentation, this is yet to be confirmed by Activision. The map reportedly bears a resemblance to Verdansk and Al Mazrah, and will function similarly to DMZ, in that it will serve as the map for both Zombies and Warzone simultaneously.


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MW3 Zombies gameplay offlimits cereal instagram

Alongside this, we have our debut look at the return of Monkey Bombs, which was also sneakily revealed by the MW3 Collector’s Edition. The Ray Gun is seemingly back in the mix too according to this edition of the game, and we’re itching to see it in action. No matter which timeline COD Zombies takes place in, it’s nice to see that things like Monkey Bombs and the Ray Gun are a constant across the Zombies multiverse.

As for the actual cereal, if you are craving a box of the Vanilla flavored treat, OffLimits founder Emily Elyse Miller says that “there are easter eggs hidden all over the box.” This includes a glow-in-the-dark design, revealing an alternative version of the Monkey Bomb design, a coloring sheet, and other nods to uncover.

You’ll want to pay closer attention to the coloring sheet, though. While the design is likely just for fun, the actual elements of it might be a clue for some other surprises in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Notably, you can see the Wunderwaffe DG-2 hung up on the wall, a Juggernog perk machine, the Mystery Box, a Ray Gun on the floor, and a mysterious machine in the ceiling. And of course, it wouldn’t be COD Zombies without that annoying Teddy Bear popping up.

MW3 Zombies easter eggs

A release date for the OffLimits x Call of Duty collaboration hasn’t been specified, but you can prepare to play Modern Warfare 3 soon via the upcoming beta. If you want access to the MW3 beta, you’ll need to secure yourself a code, which can be done easily with MW3 pre-orders. Or you can utilize these handy ways to get a free MW3 beta code.