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Will Verdansk return in Call of Duty MW3?

The long-missed Warzone map has had players waiting for its comeback. Here’s if Verdansk will return in Call of Duty MW3 for PS5, Xbox, and PC.

Will Verdansk return in MW3: Soap with MW3 pre-order skin in front of a background of Warzone's Verdansk map

Will Verdansk return in Call of Duty MW3? The first Warzone map was replaced back in late 2021 with Caldera, with Verdansk being mostly forgotten about. However, with some new teases, everyone is hoping that Verdansk comes back with Modern Warfare 3.

While the Verdansk map itself is a Call of Duty Warzone map, the premium titles and one of the best battle royale games are intimately linked, meaning that the Call of Duty MW3 release date is the perfect time to bring back the original Warzone map. Interestingly though, the Call of Duty MW3 campaign is what hints at Verdansk’s return.

Will Verdansk return in Call of Duty MW3?

While it’s currently unclear whether Verdansk will be returning in Call of Duty MW3 as a Warzone map, part of it will be at least returning during the campaign of Modern Warfare 3, as seen during trailers for the game.

Both the recent Makarov trailer and the gameplay reveal trailer for Call of Duty MW3 show off parts of Verdansk, with the former having parts of Verdansk Stadium and the latter containing parts of a prison seen in the original Warzone map.

Specifically, if you head over to 1:14 (which we’ve done for you below), you can see the fiery remnants of a soccer stadium. Though it could be dismissed as any ordinary sports arena, the stadium’s signage is exactly the same as the location seen in Verdansk.

YouTube Thumbnail

The Verdansk Sparks are the official team of the beloved battle royale map. It is certainly possible that we could be another stadium under the team’s ownership, but it seems too deliberate to include, as fans have long-awaited the map’s return.

MW3 verdansk stadium

call of duty mw3 verdansk

Unfortunately, both of these trailers are part of the campaign of the game, meaning that there’s no confirmation that everyone’s favorite map will return with the release of Modern Warfare 3. However, we do believe Verdansk will be a part of Warzone’s maps again, thanks to the numerous teases and another reason: Warzone Mobile.

Back in September 2022, Activision held an event that showcased Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile. Despite aiming for a May 2023 release, the Warzone Mobile release date was quietly delayed until November of the same year, around the release date of the upcoming MW3.

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Warzone Mobile is set to have cross-progression with both standard Warzone and the Modern Warfare games, but the most important factor is that Warzone Mobile is bringing back Verdansk. Considering all three games will be linked, with the original Warzone map being in the mobile game, and being teased in Modern Warfare 3’s marketing, it hopefully means that the stars are aligned for Verdansk’s return in the full Warzone experience.

Unfortunately, until launch, we’re not 100% sure that Verdansk will return in Call of Duty MW3, at least in the Warzone aspect. However, with Call of Duty MW3 pre-orders going live, you can get into the Call of Duty MW3 early access period to play the campaign and see Verdansk within the story. At least that will help the sting a little bit if it doesn’t return as a full map.