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You’ll probably never solve this strange Starfield mystery

Space is full of wonder and mysteries to unravel, and this Starfield mystery in particular will likely never be solved. Bethesda needs to give us answers.

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In each corner of the Starfield galaxy, there is likely some strange mystery waiting to be solved. We’ve already seen this with the Mantis quest, and even the main missions that take us across the latest Bethesda adventure. However, this discovery by an inquisitive Starfield player will puzzle even the smartest minds at Constellation.

While journeying into the furthest reaches of the galaxy, ‘Mosniper74’ appears to stumbled into a rather bizarre scenario involving one of the key Starfield factions, the Crimson Fleet. Clearly something odd is transpiring within this stronghold, and the Redditor only has one question: “Why are they all naked?”

It is likely this just come classic Bethesda jank manifesting in Starfield, but some players are wondering if there is something more to uncover. In fact, one curious player is keen to know about Mosniper74’s purpose in all of this. “The real question is, why aren’t you?” asks ‘Tuberculosis96’. However, the response still doesn’t quite clear things up, as Mosniper74 explains, “you see, the video doesn’t really cover all the events that happened on the key today.”

Soooooo… Why are they all naked?
byu/Mosniper74 inStarfield

Surely they didn’t murder all these Crimson Fleet enemies to rid them of their clothing? Well, you can loot pretty much every outfit in the game with a bit of manipulation. We’d much rather be looting all the Starfield legendary weapons, though. The most plausible explanation is down to bugs appearing in the strangest of places. Players like ‘BusCurrent9640’ are finding NPCs in Akila City without any clothing, clarifying that “the guards in Akila are all naked for me. Can’t figure it out at all. All in their undergarments.”

Furthermore, ‘LocknessDigital’ confirms they are experiencing the same situation on one of the other many Starfield planets: “All the miners in Cydonia are in their undies for me.” Maybe in due course, this bug will transpose itself into a custom quest – at least that’s why other players are hoping to see. ‘Jdejhjdeh’ jokes that they “can’t wait for the mod that makes you investigate the outfit burglar plaguing the settled systems.”

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Who knows where this will happen next in the galaxy. Regardless of the location, you can be prepared for almost anything with a great Starfield outpost. Horde some of the best Starfield weapons and master your Starfield skills, then hopefully you’ll get to keep your outfits along the way.

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