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You can loot any Starfield outfit you want using this unusual trick

If you spot a Starfield NPC with an outfit you want, and you don't mind a tiny bit of double murder, there's a fool-proof way for you to steal it for yourself.

Starfield steal outfits manipulation: an image of a woman with two emojis from the Xbox RPG

Unlike Bethesda’s Skyrim and Fallout games, Starfield doesn’t always let you loot the clothes and outfits from your dead enemies. However, if you spot an NPC with an outfit you want, there’s actually a bizarre way to get around this issue and steal Starfield outfits from almost anyone you want. It just requires a bit of manipulation, and a bit of murder.

We know this goes a little without saying at this point, but Starfield is one of the best RPG games available right now. In fact, we can imagine it will be sitting on our list of the best games of all time before too long. With over 1,000 Starfield planets to explore and some truly fantastic Starfield characters to encounter, this game is Bethesda at its best. Well, almost. One thing you can’t actually do in Starfield, but you can in older Bethesda games like Skyrim and Fallout 4, is steal clothes from dead bodies.

Sure, you might find yourself looting an outfit or two from dead Spacers on your hunt for the best Starfield guns. That’s great. These instances, though, are inconsistent at best and you don’t even always get what you’re after when you do find some. If you spot an NPC in an outfit you want, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to loot the clothes you want from their dead body. You could spend your time and credits searching all the Starfield cities for a vendor that sells that outfit, but who has the time for that – right?

Well, whether you have the time to do this or not, one Redditor has found a way around this issue. With a little bit of killing and the use of Manipulation, one of the whimsical powers you can unlock, you’ll be able to loot any outfit you want from any NPC in Starfield.

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We’re not totally sure how ‘Zorping’ found themselves stumbling across this strategy, but all you need to do is use Manipulation to get an alive NPC to ‘inspect’ a dead NPC. In doing this, they’re going to loot everything (clothes included) from the dead NPC. Then, all you need to do is kill and loot that second NPC and you’ll find the stolen outfit available. We know double murder is a big risk for an outfit or two, but the stolen outfit doesn’t actually appear in the second NPC’s inventory if you try to pickpocket them. So, you’re going to have to kill them if you want your prize.

You can find out how to unlock all 24 Starfield powers right here, if you don’t have Manipulation already. Beyond that, why don’t you check out the best Starfield outpost locations and planets here and what happens if you cave to Starfield’s biggest scammer right here. Spoiler, it’s actually quite funny.

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