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Don’t miss out on the best Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost reward

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost is a brand-new iteration of the spooktacular event, and the Acosmic Grenade Launcher might be a great PvP weapon to acquire.

destiny 2 acosmic grenade launcher

New rewards, Ornaments, and Eerie Engrams are all part of Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost, the newest version of the annual Halloween-themed event. Developer Bungie is welcoming Destiny 2 players into the limited-time event right now, as Festival of the Lost 2023 is live for PS5 and Xbox owners. And if you are jumping in, you don’t want to miss out this epic addition to your PvP arsenal.

It is events like Festival of the Lost that make Destiny 2 one of the best multiplayer games available, especially when you can net yourself some sleek and useful rewards. When it comes to selecting one of the best Destiny 2 PvP weapons, there are plenty of options, but you should consider the new Acosmic Grenade launcher. If you haven’t got hold of it yet, the most direct way to acquire it is by decrypting Eerie Engrams, which are gained by completing Haunted Sectors. The higher the tier of the Haunted Sector, the higher your chances will be of getting an Eerie Engram.

“Open your new engram right away or save it and put the crypt in de-crypt-ing by focusing it into Exotic armor or specific Festival rewards,” Bungie explains. Yes, that means you can focus an Eerie Engram directly into a roll of the Acosmic. As a Void Rapid Fire GSP weapon, the Acosmic Grenade Launcher is able to carve away enemy health depending on how the weapon fares with God Rolls. Here’s what you should be looking out roll-wise:

  • Perk 1: Clown Cartridge, Impulse Amplifier, or Field Prep
  • Perk 2: Explosive Light (Picking up an Orb of Light increases blast radius/projectile radius) or Cascade Point (precision shots or final hits increase the rate of fire)
  • Magazine: Proximity Grenades
  • Barrel: Quick Launch
  • Masterwork: Velocity
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Volatile Launch will set you up for excellent increases to your blast radius, and pairing that with Impulse Amplifier can take that one step further. Alternatively, Clown Cartridge will grant you ammunition reserve bonuses, which can be useful if you’re spitting out grenades all over the arena.

Or, if you want something different, Field Prep can buff your reload speed while giving you some extra ammo to play with. You might not see Explosive Light across every Destiny 2 Hunter Build or Destiny 2 Titan build, but this excellent perk is a must for a Grenade Launcher. Ammo wise, it is worth considering Spike Grenades, though they aren’t completely necessary.

Destiny 2 acosmic grenade launcher

Festival of the Lost is already becoming a go-to event for players, as guardians are finding it to be a bona fide Destiny 2 Exotic farm.  The event has also resurrected Destiny 2 Mementos, so don’t hesitate to get hold of this new addition.