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Best Payday 3 weapons and guns

The key to pulling off the perfect heist is having the perfect tools. Here are the best Payday 3 weapons you have to choose from on Xbox, PS5, PS4, and PC.

Payday 3 Weapons: A heist member can be seen

Whether you decide to play Payday 3 stealthy or go in all guns blazing, nothing is more satisfying than when a job goes off without a hitch. You won’t get far bare-handed, though. The heat you and your gang are packing is what’ll get you past law enforcement and into some serious wads of cash. Thankfully, the range of Payday 3 weapons offers something for every playstyle.

The available gear is a mix of holdovers from Payday 2 and new additions to the series. While we don’t know the best ones yet, it’s worth getting familiar with the game’s arsenal now the Payday 3 release date on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC is here.

Payday 3 best weapons

The best Payday 3 weapons are:

Payday 3 Weapons: The CAR-4 can be seen

1. CAR-4 – best assault rifle

There’s a saying that “the old ways are the best”, and that much is true when it comes to the CAR-4. A tried-and-tested variant of the popular Payday 2 weapon, the CAR-4 is a fantastic all-rounder for any situation in the game. With dependable statistics to start off with, the foundation of the weapon is perfect for customization, turning it into a versatile piece of kit.

We’ve tested the CAR-4 across every one of the Payday 3 heists, and the only caveat to consider is damage against tougher enemies like the Bulldozer. However, a few are well-placed to the dome, and you’ll be fleeing with the cash in no time.

Payday 3 best weapons SA A114

2. SA A144 – best rifle

If you fancy yourself somewhat of a marksman, then the SA A144 is the perfect weapon for long-range encounters. It may lack the fire rate of an assault rifle, but its plentiful punch and generous magazine capacity more than make up for it. Combining this with skills like the Sharpshooter skill tree will help to take it to the next level.

Payday 3 Weapons: The Signature 40 can be seen

3. Signature .40 – best pistol

You’re probably thinking, ‘a pistol, surely not?’ Well, don’t overlook the Signature .40 in Payday 3. A reliable sidearm is key during high-intensity moments, and the instant availability of the Signature .40 makes it incredibly valuable during your first heists. Not only it is blessed with a fantastic reload animation, but its accuracy at close-range is too good to dismiss. Acquire the ‘Square Off’ blueprint, and you’ll be laughing your way to the bank.

payday 3 best weapons vf-7s

4. VF-7S – best assault rifle

Though the CAR-4 is a superb all-rounder, the VF-7S is an excellent alternative to use on any heist. It may only hold 20 rounds initially, but its damage increase and penchant for accuracy take the VF-7S above the crowd of other assault rifles in Payday 3.

Payday 3 weapons list

The 22 Payday 3 weapons are:

  • CAR-4 – assault rifle
  • Northwest B-9 – assault rifle
  • KU-59 – assault rifle
  • VF-7S – assault rifle
  • Reinfeld 880 – shotgun
  • Mosconi 12 Classic – shotgun
  • FIK PC9 – SMG
  • SG-Compact 7 – SMG
  • Ziv Commando – SMG
  • J&M Castigo .44 – pistol
  • Signature .40 – pistol
  • Stryk 7 – pistol
  • SP Model 11 – pistol
  • Signature 403 – pistol
  • Sforza Bizon – pistol
  • SA A144 – rifle
  • Renfield 900s – sniper rifle
  • Marcom Mamba MGL – overkill weapon
  • HET-5 Red Fox – overkill weapon
  • Flashbang – throwable
  • Frag Grenade – throwable
  • Throwing Knife – throwable

Payday 3 Weapons: A list of the guns can be seen

You can find a deeper dive into each of these weapons below:

Payday 3 Weapons: A person can be seen with a assault rifle

Assault Rifles


The CAR-4 is a carbine rifle that is a great all-rounder; good news given that it’s one of two guns ready to use at Level 1.

Northwest B-9

You’ll have to put in a decent amount of work to unlock the Northwest B-9, as it only becomes available at Level 21. Once you do, you’ll have a solid burst-fire assault rifle to add to your kit.


An AK-47 style assault rifle was bound to appear in Payday 3 and the KU-59 takes that spot up with pride. It isn’t the best when it comes to fire rate, but it can hold its own amid the other assault rifles in the game. Unlocked at Level 35.


Want to relive those SCAR-H days in Modern Warfare 2? The VF-7S has you covered. With some of the best assault rifle stats in the entire game, this is a fantastic addition to any Payday 3 loadout. Unlocked at Level 77.


Reinfeld 880

The Reinfeld is a beastly pump-action shotgun that is capable of tearing through heavily armored enemies with ease. You’ll have access to the Reinfeld 880 once you reach Level 2.

Mosconi 12 Classic

Trading the pump-action delights of the Renfield 880, this double-barrel beast is all about power. You’ll often be reloading, but the damage is worth the hassle. Unlocked at Level 43.



The FIK PC9 has a killer combination of high fire rate and accuracy that makes up for its damage being on the lower end. Sometimes the quantity of your shots can actually be more important than the quality of your shots. The FIK PC9 can be added to your loadout at Level 18.

Ziv Commando

This compact weapon offers the relentless fire rate of an Uzi, but as a consequence has hefty recoil and lacks stability. The Ziv Commando’s itty bitty mag doesn’t exactly accommodate its fire rate either, so you’ll be reloading a lot.

It’s worth noting that the Ziv Commando is a preset weapon, meaning its modifications can’t be changed. Some players may find this lack of customization limiting, especially given that this means you can’t expand the magazine. Reach Level 7 to unlock the Ziv Commando.

SG Compact 7

The SG Compact 7 offers a great middle ground on the SMG front, highlighting the best of the previous two weapons in this gun class. However, as it does stand in the middle, you’ll need to choose whether want to sacrifice the fire rate of the FIK PC9 or the heft of the Ziv Commando. Unlocked at Level 65.

Payday 3 Weapons: A person can be seen breaking a window with a pistol


J&M Castigo .44

This is a revolver that packs a real punch. The J&M Castigo .44 is a secondary weapon but that certainly doesn’t mean it holds back on firepower. You will make some sacrifices when choosing this wild-west-inspired six-shooter though.

Namely, you’ll contend with low ammo capacity and a lengthier reload time. But hey, that just means you have to make those shots count, right? You can add the J&M Castigo to your inventory when you hit Level 10, giving you plenty of time to practice your aim.

Signature .40

The Signature .40 is a nifty little sidearm that offers an uber-versatile balance of accuracy and power. The Level 1 availability of the Signature .40 means it’ll occupy your secondary weapon slot for many a heist when you first start playing. Thankfully, it should serve you well.

Stryk 7

Great accuracy is the selling point of the Stryk 7, but it doesn’t quite have the satisfying handling of other handguns in this class. Unlocked at Level 25.

Signature 403

The Signature 403 is a nonsense handgun, providing balanced stats for efficiency during the deadliest of heists. Works even better with customization tweaks. Unlocked at Level 59.

Sforza Bizon

If you fancy yourself somewhat of a gunslinger, then the Sforza Bizon is like the cousin of the J&M Castigo revolver. It packs some mighty brawn behind each bullet, but you’ll need to wield it with precision. Unlocked at Level 70.


SA A144

Providing high precision, the marksman rifle SA A144 is great for picking off targets from a distance. Despite the range it offers, its semi-automatic fire rate and moderately sized magazine make it a pretty viable option for high-octane, up-close encounters. The SA A144 unlocks at Level 15.

Payday 3 Weapons: A person can be seen with a grenade launcher

Overkill Weapons

Marcom Mamba MGL

Payday 3 sees the introduction of an Overkill Weapon slot. It’s difficult to imagine many weapons that are more overkill than a grenade launcher. Marcom Mamba MGL has a revolver design, meaning you can wreak some serious havoc with up to six grenades before having to reload. Just try not to blow up your fellow heisters.

HET-5 Red Fox

The alternative Overkill Weapon isn’t as explosive, but it is very powerful. This enormous sniper rifle can just about deal with even the toughest of Payday 3 enemies with 1 or 2 shots. Don’t under estimate it.


Frag Grenade

Frag Grenades are throwable devices that explode shortly after impact, dealing a chunk of AOE damage to enemies nearby. You can carry three grenades at a time.


Flashbangs allow you to deal with groups of enemies in a non-lethal way. The flashbang, as the name suggests, blinds enemies in a small space. Chucking one of these is a good strategy for when you need to do some crowd control while also trying to limit the chance of civilian kills.

Throwing Knives

It seems fitting that a band of criminals in clown masks would appreciate a weapon as theatrical as the throwing knife. Unlike a circus performance, you want to make sure you hit something living. Knives can be retrieved from the bodies of those you down but will break upon impact with the environment.

That’s everything you need to know about the Payday 3 weapons, but you’re not finished heist-planning just yet. How you wield a weapon is just as important as the weapon itself, so take a moment to check the Payday 3 skills. If you have a prospective partner-in-crime who games on another platform, you’ll need the lowdown on crossplay in Payday 3 too.