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All Payday 3 heists - the full missions list

Find out all the Payday 3 heists you can play right now with the full missions lists, including the launch and post-launch heists you can expect.

Payday 3 heists: A character wearing a mask and holding a rifle, firing. Set against a black & white background of a bank robbery mission.

What are the Payday 3 heists? One of the biggest improvements of the third entry in this hit crime FPS is the mission design, with more intricate heists to test your skills. However, you might be surprised to learn that there are fewer Payday 3 heists than its predecessor at launch. So, how many heists are there in Payday 3? And how many can you expect in post-launch content? Well, here’s everything you need to know about the Payday 3 missions so you can get back to planning your next nefarious act.

The Payday 3 heists will certainly put your skills to the test, with more complex objectives and more organized resistance. However, you’ll also have plenty of new tools at your disposal. If you’re looking to play on the hardest difficulties, or play Payday 3 solo, then you’ll need the best Payday 3 weapons and best Payday 3 skills in your loadout. The heavily armed SWAT units will not be kind to you and your bank-robber kin.

All Payday 3 heists

In order, the eight Payday 3 heists are:

  • No Rest for the Wicked
  • Road Rage
  • Dirty Ice
  • Rock the Cradle
  • Under the Surphaze
  • Gold & Shark
  • 99 Boxes
  • Touch the Sky

Taking place after the ending of Payday 2, the gang are back alongside some new additions, returning to a life of crime they thought they’d left behind. The missions list will take you through the Payday 3 story, with several cutscenes to bridge the gaps between each main heist. With that said, you can complete the heist missions in any order, despite where they might be placed in the overarching narrative. Yes, you can even play the final heist first if you so wish, though it won’t have the impact it’s intended to have if played out of order.

Instead, completing heists will unlock the later cutscenes to bridge the gaps between heists, rather than the missions themselves. This means you’re safe to ignore the cutscenes entirely if you’re more interested in the heist action than the story.

Payday 3 heists: No Rest for the Wicked in the mission screen.

No Rest for the Wicked

Starting things off simple, No Rest for the Wicked sees the gang attempting to break into a branch of Secure Capital Bank. With the bank holding an usually large amount of money waiting to be transported, break a hole in the vault, get the bags of cash, and get out in one piece.

Given it’s the first mission, this heist doesn’t have the most complex objectives and shouldn’t cause too much trouble – unless you’re looking to play stealthily, of course. This playstyle generally requires much more map knowledge to succeed.

Payday 3 heists: Road Rage in the mission overview page.

Road Rage

The second mission, Road Rage, involves the gang robbing an armored transport vehicle. It’s not just any old armored transport, however. This vehicle is carrying priceless rare-earth elements used in the manufacturing of electronic components. You’ll have to ambush the transport on a bridge, making sure to set up before the transport arrives. So, you’ll have limited time to get in position and manage the civilians in the area. Generally, this is an action-packed mission from start to end.

Payday 3 heists: Dirty Ice in the heist overview screen.

Dirty Ice

Dirty Ice is the third heist and tasks you with a more traditional heist once again – robbing the Ashton Fine Jewelry store. While it might look like an unassuming, family-run jewelry store from the outside, it’s a hub of imported diamonds, making it a prime target for the gang. You’ll have the opportunity to either sneak in or go guns blazing in search of the jewelry and diamonds, such as in the optional VIP showroom and the basement.

Payday 3 heists: Rock the Cradle in the heist menu.

Rock the Cradle

The fourth heist, Rock the Cradle, sets your sights on The Neon Cradle club. With many rich patrons engaging in illegal gambling and drugs, there’s lots of money to be made. However, the gang’s focus is on the cryptocurrency stored on a drive inside the club. In this neon-drenched club, you’ll have to be extra vigilant for security and cameras, though there are vents to help you get around.

Payday 3 heists: Under the Surphaze in the heist mission selection screen.


Under the Surphaze

In Under the Surphaze, you and the gang will be breaking into the Surphaze Art Gallery. With an exhibition displaying priceless paintings, it’s the perfect time to make some money. So, find your way into the gallery, either using stealth or waging all-out war, and steal the paintings. Be careful though, there’s plenty of security and safety measures protecting the art, so it won’t be a simple job.

Payday 3 heists: Gold & Sharke in the mission selection menu.

Gold & Sharke

Mission six gives you the opportunity to rob a branch of the Gold & Sharke bank, a large and glamorous bank ripe for the picking. Not only will you be stealing lots and lots of money locked behind a stylish laser-protected hallway, but you’ll also be looking for dirt on Patricia J. Sharke as revenge. With several large open spaces and tight security, a stealthy approach is no easy feat.

Payday 3 heists: 99 Boxes in the heist menu.

99 Boxes

99 Boxes is the seventh heist, with a shipment of experimental electronic equipment in the gang’s sights. So, infiltrate the storage yard and get your hands on the equipment. Be careful though as the cargo needs to be kept cool or it will deteriorate and lose value, so you’ll have to be quick once you’ve got access to the tech. Once again, you can do this with a full stealth approach or go in guns blazing, or a mix of the two.

Payday 3 heists: Touch the Sky in the mission selection screen.

Touch the Sky

Touch the Sky is the eighth and final heist in the selection of launch missions. In Touch the Sky, you’ll be tasked with infiltrating the lavish penthouse of Mason Laurent, a key figure in the Murkywater PMC. Here, the gang is looking for a digital encryption key to keep their digital funds secure. As such, you’ll be breaking into the penthouse, dealing with the security and more before decrypting the drive and getting out in one piece.

For a strong stealth playthrough of the Payday 3 heists, check out this video below by ‘PartiallyRoyal’ in which their group take on hard mode primarily using stealth:

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How many heists are there in Payday 3?

There are currently eight heists in Payday 3 in the launch offerings, with at least four more coming post-launch through the season pass for year one, bringing the total to 12 missions by the end of the first year of content.

The Payday 3 roadmap for Year 1 offers much more than more heist missions, however, though these are the big-ticket additions. Alongside new heists, players can expect new characters, enemies, weapons, challenges, and more.

For now though, players will have access to the eight heist missions above, as well as the overarching story and cutscenes that tie it all together. This does mean that the Payday 3 launch heist offerings are fewer than its predecessor at launch. Payday 2 launched with 12 heists, already matching the number of missions Payday 3 is expected to have after it’s first year of content. With that said, the missions in Payday 3 are generally more complex, with new mechanics and diverse environments that will hopefully maintain a similar sense of replayability. If Payday 2’s success is any indication, fans can expect at least a year of support, if not many, many more, with Payday 2 eventually having around 66 unique heists.

That covers all the Payday 3 heists and missions players can expect at launch and beyond. With so much potential, the latest entry in this iconic series could easily become one of the most impressive and best co-op games to play.