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You’ve seen the MW3 Breacher Drone before right in your pocket

Modern Warfare 3 introduces a few explosive ways to deal with your enemies, including the Breacher Drone, which you've always had access to in your pocket.

MW3 breacher drone cod mobile

Dealing with enemy players can get inventive in Call of Duty games, and if you’re playing the MW3 beta, you’re likely experimenting with various methods. It can be fun using traditional weapons to win, but the Modern Warfare 3 Breacher Drone is a bombastic way of truly humiliating your foes. And if you think it seems familiar, you’re not wrong, because it shares some qualities with a COD Mobile favorite.

If you’re after something with some style over your standard Lethal equipment in Modern Warfare 3, then you can unlock the Breacher Drone in the MW3 beta. This compact death machine will launch into the air, and aim to obliterate the nearest enemy within seconds. In fact, it is actually a popular choice within the walls of Sledgehammer Games, according to a new social media: “The Breacher Drone is an instant favorite equipment among our studio.”

But it isn’t exactly new, at least not the concept of it. Easily one of the best FPS games for playing on the move, COD Mobile fans will likely recognize it, as it bears a mighty strong resemblance to the Hunter Killer Drone. However, in the portable iteration of Call of Duty multiplayer, the Hunter Killer Drone has to be earned through Scorestreaks.

MW3 breacher drone

Able to go through glass surfaces without detonating, there are a couple ways to stop it completely – and we wonder whether MW3 players are putting them to use. You’ll need EMP-based equipment to deal with a Hunter Killer Drone, which in theory shares the same principles with the Breacher Drone.

The best way, at least so far, is to experiment with MW3 Field Equipment like the Trophy System, as this will deter any explosives entering its proximity. Whether the full version of the game will contain Tactical equipment like EMP Grenades is unclear, but they could a vital ingredient to preventing a fiery demise. Or if you’re really savvy, concocting something ridiculous with one of many MW3 guns in Gunsmith could be the ticket to success.

And yes, we can hear you Black Ops 2 fans. The Hunter Killer Drone also appeared in the acclaimed Treyarch entry into the franchise. Here’s a clip courtesy of ‘Hex’, so you can relive the nostalgia days.

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Time is ticking down as the Modern Warfare 3 release date draws closer, so don’t hesitate to get stuck into your first taste of MW3 multiplayer this instant, as the MW3 beta continues.