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New Warzone map glimpse could be a clue for Verdansk’s return

Ahead of the upcoming Call of Duty Next presentation we have a fresh look at the new Warzone map, which might be a signal Verdansk is back in the mix.

warzone new map verdansk las almas mw3

Although there have been several Call of Duty Warzone maps to dive into, most COD players would agree that Verdansk holds a special place in their hearts. The fan favorite location continues to loom over the battle royale mode, with many fans hoping it will return with the arrival of new content in Modern Warfare 3. Well, your first look at the map is here, and there might be a clue to Verdank’s return.

The Call of Duty Next presentation is quickly approaching, which will include looks at MW3 multiplayer, the campaign, and MW3 Zombies. Of course, the next era of Warzone is included too, and below is a small glimpse into the mode’s completely new map. Rumors claim this map is either ‘Las Almas’, and will be spun-off the fictitious region of Mexico seen in Modern Warfare 2. However, other reports allege it will be based in Urzikstan, another fictional country set to appear in Modern Warfare 3.

Posted by Call of Duty reporting account ‘CharlieINTEL’ on social media, this look depicts the port/harbor area of the map. We can see construction in the background too, and some peculiar looking containers in the water. That’ll likely be ironed out, though. Nevertheless, those of you who dropped into Verdansk hundreds of times might notice a very strong resemblance to the port of Verdansk visually.

warzone new map mw3 verdansk las almas urzkistan

Pictured to the right below for your convenience, it is intriguing, given that the ocean veers into the same direct it would have if water was present in Verdansk’s port – there could be a good reason for this.

While Verdansk was nuked in Warzone, debates around whether this is canon have been rampant ever since. Warzone doesn’t quite go for the multiverse madness of COD Zombies, but we’ve seen wild things in the game mode. Even characters we once thought had perishes are back in the fold, as Graves returned from the grave in a previous season. Verdansk is set to return to Call of Duty Mobile in its original form, but that doesn’t mean a remixed version can’t appear in the PS5, Xbox, and PC version.

Verdansk incorporated several iconic Call of Duty POIs on the map, and the remains of Verdansk could be repurposed similarly going forward. The best look at the supposed Las Almas is actually already available, you just have to play the Modern Warfare 2 campaign to see it. If you play the mission El Sin Nombre, you’ll find this map on an office desk in the compound.

warzone las almas map

Will Verdansk return in Call of Duty MW3? While the game’s campaign alludes to it, a return to Warzone may just be confirmed at Call of Duty Next. It is all speculatively, or now. Until then, you can enjoy Warzone Season 6, especially if you’re using the best Warzone guns and studying the current Warzone meta.