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You need to be using this excellent yet “disgusting” Starfield loadout

Sometime your Starfield enemies are too powerful to dispatch, but with a nasty Starfield loadout like this, you can send them packing in the Bethesda RPG.

Starfield legendary particle beam rifle

Progressing up through the ranks of Starfield is often a blast, but can also be incredibly frustrating when it comes to higher level enemies. We’ll all encounter it on our travels, and probably spam the quicksave option countless times in the Bethesda RPG. If you want some extra firepower, though, then this particularly Starfield loadout might just save your character’s life.

Attempting to push the boundaries of Starfield, Bethesda fan ‘SaltyMeatBoy’ outlines his methods for “breaking” one of the best RPG games of 2023. In a lengthy explanation, the Redditor believes that the “Advanced Va’ruun Inflictor, which by sheer damage alone, is undoubtedly the best weapon in the game […] the base stats you see are only the tip of the iceberg, and this weapon is much more broken than most people even realize.” Classed as Legendary Particle Beam Rifle, this tier of weaponry can be seen amid the best Starfield weapons that the Xbox RPG has to offer.

Essentially, this configuration of the weapon can “permanently stun-lock enemies without the need for any rare weapon effects”, as long it used with a “specific combination of perks and attachments.” This can be achieved by carefully selecting which Starfield skills you opt to use, though, you’ll need to seek out this weapon amid the wealth of Starfield legendaries. By pooling your skill points into the Lasers, Particle Beams, and Rifle Certification skill trees, the Redditor claims the weapon “can deal over 1400 base damage.”

Breaking Starfield: the most disgusting weapon/perk combo in the game (explanation in comments)
byu/SaltyMeatBoy inStarfield

Taking that further by adding a scope at a workbench, focusing on Marksmanship and Sniper Certification will give the rifle an exceptional boost to critical damage. Equipping a scope buffs critical hits “roughly every 5 shots thanks to the +15% critical boost from the 3rd tier of Marksmanship.” Adding another “+25% critical boost from headshots with the 3rd tier of the Sniper Certification skill” means players can utilize the “knockdown ability from Marksmanship Tier 4.”

Now here’s the real showstopper with the weapon, according to the Redditor’s research: “The Va’ruun Inflictor also has another unique quality in the form of the available Spread Nozzle attachment that splits our main beam into 3 separate beams […] we get 3 separate beams per trigger pull which divide the total damage among them. Each beam has a separate chance to land a critical hit.”

Starfield Varunn Inflictor Legendary particle beam rifle

If you’re looking to get your hands on this weapon, while crafting one of the best Starfield builds around, then players like ‘ImTooHigh95’ suggest that “you can often find one in the basement of the lodge, I got 3 random guns spawn down there. On one of my playthroughs I had this and a big bang straight away, was a breeze!”

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