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Lies of P developer begins working on DLC for Elden Ring rival

Developer NeoWiz Games is looking to expand on the riveting world of Lies of P, as work is seemingly underway for the first Lies of P DLC expansion.

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It isn’t an understatement to say that Lies of P is one of the more difficult games to release this year. Blending familiar soulslike action together with the world of Pinocchio – yes, the fairy tale legend himself. For those of you who have made it to the end of the NeoWiz title, you’ll be pleased to know it appears work is beginning for the first Lies of P DLC.

According to a new job listing on the official NeoWiz career board, the Lies of P developer confirms plans to create the game’s first DLC. Specifically, multiple roles are listed to aid the creation of the story expansion, indicating that production on the DLC is in the earliest parts of development. NeoWiz is currently hiring for a DLC Quest Planner, DLC Content Planner, and a DLC Scenario/Setting Planner, per a translation of the NeoWiz careers page.

It is unknown what the DLC will include from a narrative perspective, but we anticipate that there will be even tougher Lies of P bosses to overcome, as well as new additions to the best Lies of P weapons. We won’t spoil anything to do with the ending of the game, but we’re eager to see if NeoWiz saves that tease for an entirely new game. It’d be a shame to relegate it to a DLC, but who knows, perhaps the seeds for it will be laid in our next adventure with Pinocchio. With the game making itself available as Game Pass day one title, it is one of the best Xbox games you can dive into with your subscription.

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The bones of other genre titans like Bloodborne run deep through Lies of P, but the game’s refreshing take on fairy tale lore gives it the edge to stand out among the crowd. Lies of P is based upon Carlo Collidi’s novel The Adventures of Pinocchio, though the interpretation NeoWiz is far darker and Lies of P characters rip up the rule book when it comes to adapting them. Disney’s version would never see Pinocchio wielding some of the best Lies of P legion arms, after all.

Depending on which ending you get in the game depends on, well, how many lies you’ve told throughout the game and the encounters you’ve dealt. It is claimed that the ‘Real Boy’ ending is the canon ending to the game.

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So, until the DLC arrives, why not try one of these excellent Lies of P builds, because you’re going to need them.