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New Honkai Star Rail unit Topaz & Numby is proving divisive but deadly

If you want to pick up a Honkai Star Rail character who can deal a lot of damage, ignore the naysayers and try to get Topaz and Numby.

Honkai Star Rail Topaz and Numby gameplay: an image of Topaz and a thinking emoji

If you’re looking to bolster your Honkai Star Rail squad ahead of your next major battle, you’ll be pleased to know that HoYoverse is refreshing the available banners very soon – which means you’ll have a chance to pull some new characters. One of those is, rather unusually, glorified debt collector Topaz and her partner in crime – a warp trotter named Numby. If you’re looking for someone who can deal huge amounts of damage to single enemies, getting Topaz and Numby in Honkai Star Rail should be your top priority in the coming weeks. However, not everyone is fully onboard with how the character actually works.

When it comes to all the new PS5 games you could be playing right now, Honkai Star Rail is one of the most alluring; HoYoverse’s slick visuals and simple-yet-addictive gameplay, coupled with the gacha system perfected by Genshin Impact, are hard to ignore. However, trying to capitalize on the best Honkai Star Rail team comp with the best Honkai Star Rail characters is hard work when the Honkai Star Rail banner schedule is so unforgiving. Thankfully, though, this banner schedule is bringing a dynamic duo to the fore – and, you might not like how they operate, but they’re going to be worth trying to get.

If you take a look at how Topaz and Numby actually work in Honkai Star Rail, you’ll find that – almost all of the time – Topaz is actually using Numby to attack, rather than attacking herself. While her basic attack, ‘Deficit…’, has her using a handgun of some sort to deal fire damage, her ‘Difficulty Paying?’ skill and ultimate ‘Turn a Profit!’ both utilize Numby. You will need to summon Numby using the ‘Trotter Market?!’ skill, but without him present you won’t be able to take full advantage of everything Topaz and Numby can offer as a character.

When you use ‘Difficulty Paying?’, it’s also worth noting that Numby will deal follow-up attacks on anyone with the Proof of Debt status effect – which the aforementioned skill applies – adding to the damage this little sci-fi truffle pig actually deals.

If you want to see the two in action, you can check out the latest character trailer from HoYoverse below:

YouTube Thumbnail

What’s the problem with all of this, then? Well, Honkai Star Rail fans are a little frustrated that they’re essentially playing as Numby and not Topaz – even though the two worth symbiotically do deliver huge amounts of damage to single targets.

In response to this Reddit post, one fan says it’s “a shame Numby is the one doing anything… 90% of the animations are Numby” while another says “[HoYoverse] are leaning hard on Numby to get folks to like her” after her role as an antagonist in the narrative. Another says they would be interested, but “her kit looks too focused on Numby, which I don’t care for”. Elsewhere online, comments are largely the same – People that wanted to play as Topaz are frustrated that Numby is the one doing everything and those deep in the narrative are frustrated to see Topaz anyway. It seems like HoYoverse can’t win when it comes to this character – but you can.

How, though? By getting your hands on them. Whether you like Topaz or not, she’s going to be a fantastic addition to your team. Who knows, Numby might grow on you, anyway – he’s cute enough. If you want to see how, you just need to check out the gameplay demo below:

YouTube Thumbnail

As you can see, Topaz and Numby can deliver follow-up attacks frequently and the Windfall Bonanza from their ultimate ability doubles their damage output with an impressive 31.25% critical damage improvement. Dealing fire damage against single target enemies is where this paring excels, and you’ll even earn up to 10,000 credits a day for using them. That’s not a bad thing, at all.

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