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New Honkai Star Rail leaks tease how many updates we have before 2.0

Honkai Star Rail version 2.0 is a little while away yet, but new Honkai Star Rail Anniversary event leaks reveal when we should expect it.

Honkai Star Rail leaks anniversary event version 2.0: an image of Seele from the RPG

If you want to know when the next iteration of Honkai Star Rail is due, and when the Honkai Star Rail Anniversary event is expected, you’ll be pleased to know that new leaks suggest both major content updates will be coming at the same time. That means we know how many updates we have left before version 2.0 drops.

HoYoverse’s Honkai Star Rail is one of the best RPG games to sink time into and one of several new PS5 games you should consider checking out. A major reason this game is already finding itself on so many of the best PS5 SSDs is because of its relentless content updates. HoYoverse releases updates regularly and each one is packed with new Honkai Star Rail characters. One thing a faction of fans is already looking forward to, though, is version 2.0 and the next iteration of this experience. We now know how long we have to wait for that, and it’s not as long as it could have been.

As you can see below, reliable Honkai Star Rail source ‘stepleaker‘ claims that Honkai Star Rail version 2.1 will arrive before the RPG’s first Anniversary event – expected in April 2024. With recent leaks conflicted as to whether Honkai Star Rail will run through to version 1.6 or version 1.8 before hitting version 2.0, this would suggest that we’re going to get another two more batches of banners (up to version 1.6) before the major update. If we were going to version 1.8, the Anniversary event would likely arrive at the same time as version 2.0 – not after version 2.1, which is what we believe is being suggested.

So, if everything stays the same, Honkai Star Rail version 2.0 and all the new content expected should arrive in early January 2024. Then, the end of version 2.1 should be in late March 2024 and lead into the Anniversary event in April 2024 – a full year after launch.

This, interestingly, would actually follow Genshin Impact’s initial update cadence – another RPG developed by HoYoverse. In its first year, Genshin Impact reached version 1.6 before hitting version 2.0 and the major update that brought. It then went on to version 2.8 before version 3.0 arrived.

Anniversary info via stepleaker
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In any case, you can check out everything we know about the current Honkai Star Rail banner schedule here. Each update comes with a number of new banners for you to check out, so don’t worry if the first banner of each version isn’t what you’re after – when we get there. You’ll have plenty more chances to pick up the best Honkai Star Rail characters, with any luck.

Version 2.0 and the subsequent update is exciting, even though it’s a little while away, due to the fact that it’s expected to introduce a new explorable world to Honkai Star Rail and several new characters – as you might expect. You can get the low-down on Hanabi, Black Swan, and below – all expected in version 2.0, before the Anniversary event. As always, the leaks could be wrong and we could see these characters released sooner – or, of course, later – than this update.

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If you want to make the most of the current Honkai Star Rail 1.4 banners, though, you can find out more about all the active Honkai Star Rail codes here and a total on how many Special Passes you can actually earn throughout Honkai Star Rail 1.4 right here. Trying to get as many of these as possible is the best way to make sure you’re working towards having the best Honkai Star Rail team comp available, although PS5 players are still missing this meta character – and we don’t know when they’ll be able to get their hands on them, either.