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Prime Day knocks up to 46% off this ace headset for PS5 gamers

Amazon Prime Day continues and if you're after a new PS5 headset, you need to snap up this deal on the excellent SteelSeries Arctic 7P+ headset.

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Across the different PlayStation generations we’ve dabbled with different setups, and now we’re all in search of the ultimate PS5 headsets. With so many options to consider, it can be overwhelming, but Amazon Prime Day deals are here to save the day. Part of a sitewide PS5 headset sale, the SteelSeries Arctic 7P+ currently has an exceptional discount to consider.


We’ve tried some of the best PS5 headsets around at The Loadout, like the Corsair Virtuoso or the Sennheiser GSP 600, but they’re both overthrown by the 7P’s successor. An upgrade to the SteelSeries Arctic 7P from 2021, this updated version is currently retailing for $165/£94.99 on Amazon, these price slashes results in a 30% and 46% discount for US and UK Amazon users respectively.

However, it does depend on what color you prefer. Should you wish to opt for the black version instead, this will give you a 43% discount in the UK. But what about 7P+ features? One of the few PS5 headsets compatible with the PS5’s 3D Tempest Audio, key features include:

  • Designed for PlayStation 5 and also compatible with PlayStation 4, PC, Android, Switch, USB-C iPads and more
  • Multi-Platform USB-C dongle lets you swap easily between systems for low latency 2.4 GHz wireless designed for gaming
  • Featuring the latest USB-C charging for maximum flexibility plus 15-minute quick charge for 3 hour usage

The quick charge feature is great from our experience, though charging is mostly infrequent due to the impressive 30-hour battery life. As aforementioned, you won’t find a Micro-USB port on this headset, meaning you can use the same cable you charge your controller with. The real MVP of this headset, which makes it one of the best PS5 accessories across Prime Day Deals, is the sidetone feature.

Look, we all get a little loud while playing some of the best PS5 games around, and it can be difficult to monitor our voice levels – not anymore. The slider on the rear of the right cup ensures you can alter how much of your own voice is fed back to yourself, as well as any pesky sounds in the room with you. SteelSeries itself claims that the microphone is derived from the same design specifications that “aircraft carrier deck crews for superior noise cancellation”, so you can feel like a true action hero.

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With moments like the Modern Warfare 3 release date on the horizon, pair this headset with one of the best PS5 controllers on the market, and you’ll near enough unstoppable. Though, you need space for huge games like Call of Duty entries, so don’t hesitate to consider our picks of the best PS5 SSD options.