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Valorant leaks reveal a new weapon is on the way and it sounds lethal

Riot Games' FPS Valorant is getting a new sniper rifle and it could be great, here's what we know about it ahead of the next major update.

Valorant leaks new weapon Outlaw: an image of a man with a hat and a sniper from the FPS

Riot Games’ next major Valorant update is almost here and – with new agent Iso joining the roster – it’s going to be one you’re going to want to check out when you get the chance. However, the update after is shaping up to be even more exciting than that. Recent leaks reveal a new Valorant weapon is coming to Riot Games’ FPS – the Outlaw – and it looks like a truly devastating addition to the currently available arsenal.

We know Valorant is comfortably one of the best FPS games out there right now, and you could argue it’s one of the best games ever when it comes to competitive shooters, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a little bit better – right? Riot Games’ regular cadence of updates and improvements proves that it feels the same way, and the steady flow of new content is a reassuring sign that this game isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. One bit of that new upcoming content, that leaks are detailing ahead of any official reveal from Riot Games, is the Outlaw; this is a new sniper rifle that sounds like it’s going to pack a punch.

Ahead of Episode 7 Act 3 and the introduction of new Duelist Iso, a showcase video of new Valorant skins uploaded to Shanghai-based social media platform Bilibili accidentally offered us all our first look at the Outlaw – a 2,400 cost sniper rifle expected to arrive in Valorant’s next major update (most likely the one after Episode 7 Act 3).

Now deleted, as per reports from content creator ‘ValorantUpdated‘, the brief image of the Outlaw in the weapon selection menu shows that it’s a two-barrel sniper rifle – quite-possibly with a pump-action reloading action. The name Outlaw seems to be a reference to the fact that it looks like something straight out of Red Dead Redemption 2 – or, you know, the ‘Wild West’ in general.

New gun leak
byu/wirthit inVALORANT

A Reddit post on the new weapon leak from ‘wirthit‘ – which you can see above – also seems to suggest that the Outlaw is “rumored to [one-shot] up close and deal 130 [damage] from far”. We don’t know exactly what this “130” means for limb damage values compared to head damage values, but this should make it a little stronger than the Marshal (which is a little cheaper) and weaker than the Operator (which is more expensive).

So, with any luck, it should slot right into the space between the two existing Valorant sniper rifles and offer players a more afforable option as each game continues.

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Is this weapon going to be something that will help you climb the Valorant ranks, though? Well, we can imagine so; but, you will need to make sure you’re using one of the best Valorant crosshair codes before you try – just in case. We don’t know, at the moment, how far away this new weapon is from being available in-game. Episode 7 Act 3 is days away, so we could be waiting until Episode 8 Act 1 to see it added officially. Only time will tell.

For now, though, you can check out our updated Valorant agent tier list ahead of Iso’s arrival here. This fresh Iso gameplay makes him look unstoppable, so we’re expecting him to find a slot in the upper tiers when he does drop. If you’re more interested in new cosmetics, and we don’t blame you, we have the next Valorant Night Market dates for you to check out right here.