GTA Online Jack O Lanterns locations

Get all of the GTA Online Jack O Lanterns pumpkin locations across Los Santos and Blaine County as a part of the limited-time Halloween event

GTA Online Jack O Lantern Locations: A person with a jack o lantern helmet can be seen

If you are playing the GTA Online Halloween seasonal content in Grand Theft Auto 5, you may have realised you can find a bunch of Jack O Lanterns around the map. But, they aren’t easy to find, as they are quite small and there are a lot of them. So, to help you out, this article will cover why you don’t need to get them all if you don’t want to. But, we will also run through all the GTA Online Jack O Lanterns pumpkin locations.

GTA Online Jack O Lantern locations

There are a total of 200 Jack O Lantern locations across Blaine County and Los Santos. These Jack O Lanterns pumpkins are spread out across the map in alleys, by houses, on the beach, in the countryside and elsewhere on the map in GTA Online and can be picked up.

If you want you can find them all you can. But, it really isn’t necessary as all you need to do is find 10 each day for $50,000 and the first time you do this you will also get the Horror Pumpkin Mask.

A lot of the Jack O Lanterns can be found close to one another and instead of listing every single one here, you can find large clusters of them by the beach and pier, in the south of the city, by the highway in the south-east, and in Vinewood Hills. If you want to see a full list of them you can find them on GTALens, which lists every single location, but they respawn over time so if you don’t want to you won’t have to find all of them over the course of the month. A few key areas in the city with Jack O Lanterns can be found below in the image from GTA Lens.

GTA Online Jack O Lantern Locations: A few of the select map locations can be seen

You can check your progress towards this from the daily challenges menu, and the Trick Or Treat section. Rockstar has actually suggested that there are bonus items if you find all 200 Jack O Lantern locations in one 24 hour period. So, if you do want to take on that challenge, you can use the GTA Lens map above, or you can use this video guide, which is super helpful from GTA Series Videos.

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With all of these GTA Online Jack O Lantern locations, you can celebrate the spooky season in style and maybe even scare yourself off GTA Online for a bit after finding them all. But, as always, Rockstar will be back with even more challenges and items in the weeks following as GTA 6 continues development.