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GTA Online Jack O Lanterns locations and pumpkin map 2023

Get all of the GTA Online Jack O Lanterns locations across Los Santos and Blaine County in the limited-time Halloween event 2023 using these GTA pumpkin maps.

Halloween is upon us once again and it’s time to celebrate in GTA 5 by collecting all the GTA Online Jack O Lantern locations. While it might sound horrible to hear that there’s 200 GTA Online pumpkins to find, you only have to collect just 10 each day. Well, skip the search for the GTA Online pumpkins by using our guide to all the best locations to head to in the Halloween 2023 event. You’ll be able to collect them in no time and get back to the fun.

Each and every year, players are able to take part in GTA Online Halloween seasonal content in Grand Theft Auto 5. Alongside new Halloween events like UFO sightseeing and a variety of new spooky cosmetics that make it one of the best games around, players will be tasked will finding the 200 Trick-or-Treat Jack O Lanterns located around Los Santos. But, they aren’t easy to find, as they are quite small and there are a lot of them. So, to help you out, this article will go over why you don’t need to get them all if you don’t want to, and give you the quickest routes to get find the Jack O Lantern pumpkins each day.

GTA Online Jack O Lantern locations

The best locations to find GTA Online Jack O Lantern pumpkins as quickly as possible are:

  • Vinewood Hills
  • Vespucci Beach
  • El Burro Heights

In GTA Online, there are a total of 200 Jack O Lantern locations across Blaine County and Los Santos. These Jack O Lanterns pumpkins are spread out across the map in alleys, by houses, on the beach, in the countryside, and elsewhere on the map that can be picked up. These pumpkins will reset each day.

If you want you can find them all, you can, but, it really isn’t necessary as all you need to do is find 10 each day for $50,000 and the first time you do this you will also get the Horror Pumpkin Mask. Luckily, because these pumpkins reset each day (in real time, so no rushing ahead), you can simply collect the same ones each day. Why does this matter? Well, it means there’s an optimal strategy that will set on you track to get 10 Jack O Lantern pumpkins as quickly as possible each day.

When you find a pumpkin, interact with it collect collect it and receive random trick or treat. Tricks include getting shocked, blown up, or getting catapulted, while treats are generally lumps of cash, but can also include various snacks and consumables.

Read on below for a breakdown of each of the best GTA Online pumpkin map locations for the event in 2023, using the interactive map by GTALens.

GTA Online Jack O Lantern locations: A map showing the locations of the Halloween pumpkins in the Vinewood Hills area.

Vinewood Hills

Located on the northern outskirts of Los Santos, Vinewood Hills has a staggering 42 Jack O Lantern locations nearby, all within walking distance. With such a large number to collect, you’ll be able to find your 10 daily pumpkins in no time, making Vinewood Hills the best place to collect your GTA Online Jack O Lanterns. There’s even more pumpkins to be found just outside of Vinewood Hills as well, so even if you get a little off track you’ll no doubt find all you need.

Vinewood Hills also gets a leg up for having several apartments nearby. So, if you’re lucky enough to own an apartment here, you won’t even have to travel far to start your pumpkin collecting route. How convenient!

GTA Online Jack O Lantern locations: A map showing the locations of the Halloween pumpkins in the Vespucci Beach area.

Vespucci Beach

Vespucci Beach on the west coast of Los Santos has 13 pumpkins spread between the pier and beach area, as well as the small streets leading further into the city. Because of the close proximity of these Jack O Lantern pumpkins and how easy it is to navigate this area, it’s one of the best locations to collect your daily pumpkins in GTA Online. A word of warning though, be very careful collecting them, as some pumpkins could be tricks and could lead to you getting wanted by the LSPD.

GTA Online Jack O Lantern locations: A map showing the locations of the Halloween pumpkins in the El Burro Heights area.

El Burro Heights

El Burro Heights, found on the eastern outskirts of Los Santos, has 10 Jack O Lantern locations all within walking distance, making it a breeze to collect your daily pumpkins. It’s also typically a quiet area, so you don’t need to worry about harming anyone if you get a trick pumpkin. The only downside is that it’s a little far from the available apartments.

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If you want to see a full list of them you can find them on GTALens mentioned above, which lists every single location and you can handily tick off the ones you’ve collected if (for some reason) you want to collect all 200. And if you are wild enough to collect all 200, if you do so in a single day, you’ll be rewarded with the Pumpkin Tee and an additional $50,000. Yes… that really is the reward. We don’t recommend collecting all 200 GTA Online pumpkins unless you really are a hardcore completionist.

You can check your progress towards your 10 (or 200) daily Jack O Lantern pumpkins in the GTA Online Halloween 2023 event from the daily challenges menu, and the Trick Or Treat section. If you’ve had experience with the event in the past, nothing has changed this time around.

With all of these GTA Online Jack O Lantern locations, you can celebrate the spooky season in style and maybe even scare yourself off GTA Online for a bit after finding them all. And if you’d like to speed up the process even more, make sure you’re using the fastest car in GTA Online, though you’ll need to know how to make money in GTA Online first. Nevertheless, the frequent stream of new content, including Halloween thrills will tide us over until the GTA 6 release date, or at least we hope so.