The Callisto Protocol chapters list

If you’re wondering how many areas of Callisto and Black Iron Prison you’ll be visiting, here is the full The Callisto Protocol chapters list

The Callisto Protocol chapters: Jacob in space suit

Dealing with the monsters and creatures of Callisto can be difficult, so you may be wondering how many missions you have left in The Callisto Protocol chapters list left to complete. Each chapter can take a while to complete, so looking at how many you have left can give you that extra push to finish another level.

Looking at The Callisto Protocol length, each chapter can take a few hours to finish. While some time is taken up by looking for The Callisto Protocol secret rooms or making sure you have The Callisto Protocol best upgrades for your equipment, you may be wondering how many chapters until you finish the game and see The Callisto Protocol ending.

The Callisto Protocol chapter list

The Callisto Protocol features 8 chapters in its story, each ranging from about 15 minutes to 2 hours long. Here’s the full list of chapters below:

  • Cargo (15 minutes)
  • Outbreak (50 minutes to 70 minutes)
  • Aftermath (100 minutes to 120 minutes)
  • Habitat (90 to 110 minutes)
  • Lost (65 to 80 minutes)
  • Below (105 to 125 minutes)
  • Colony (80 to 100 minutes)
  • Tower (80 to 110 minutes)

The shortest chapter is Cargo, being a simple prologue to the events of the game, whereas the rest of the missions are fairly lengthy. They can vary quite wildly though depending on how hard you are finding the game’s combat. You’ll see all of these chapters when you play throughout the game, but you may be wondering if The Callisto Protocol has a chapter select option for those wanting to go back to their favourite moments of the game, but unfortunately there isn’t one.

That’s everything you need to know about the full The Callisto Protocol chapters list. If you’re hoping for extra currency to purchase some upgrades, take a look at our guide on The Callisto Protocol Callisto Credits. However, if you’re looking for the collectibles, you may need to find plenty of The Callisto Protocol Implants to 100% the game, alongside our other guides in our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough.