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Does The Callisto Protocol have chapter select?

The horror-filled halls and stories of Black Iron Prison take place over many missions, but does The Callisto Protocol offer chapter and level select?

The Callisto Protocol Chapter Select: Jacob and Dani talking

Whenever a game is split into a variety of chapters and levels, like The Callisto Protocol, it’s no surprise that many will want to go back and replay their favourite missions. That being said, it may be unclear when you start playing as to whether The Callisto Protocol offers a mission select option.

Since this debut game from Striking Distance Studios asks you to obtain collectibles, you’re likely hopeful you can pick up The Callisto Protocol Implants in the future by replaying missions where you missed them. Before we give you the answer, make sure to top up on The Callisto Protocol Callisto Credits, just so you’re prepared for the horrifying experience of Black Iron Prison.

Does The Callisto Protocol have chapter select?

Unfortunately, there is no chapter or level select in The Callisto Protocol. This means you’ll need to replay the game and use our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough to find all of the collectibles in one run. It’s tedious, but there’s a chance that this option might be included in a future update.

It’s unclear why the developers decided not to include a mission select, even as a completion reward, but we’re hoping this could be added sooner rather than later. At least you have an excuse to go through Black Iron Prison from the start again. You can work around this somewhat by creating a manual save game at the start of each level. But, there isn’t a way to retroactively jump back to a chapter if you haven’t already started doing this.

While there’s no The Callisto Protocol mission select currently, it gives you more reason to find all of The Callisto Protocol secret rooms in a new playthrough. And on your next playthrough, you could take advantage of The Callisto Protocol best upgrades for a Maximum Security difficulty run as well as our other guides in our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough. You may as well try to be stronger when you next go through Black Iron on your next run.