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The Callisto Protocol best upgrades for weapons and gear

If you are curious about The Callisto Protocol best upgrades for weapons and gear, then this article will give you suggestions for what to buy earn on

The Callisto Protocol Best Upgrades: Jacob can be seen walking through a coridoor

The Callisto Protocol is a fairly classic experience in a lot of ways. One of those ways is the overall lack of deep systems or progression. But there are still some unlocks to get, namely upgrades for your gear and weapons. But to know where to spend your cash you will need to know The Callisto Protocol’s best upgrades for your weapons and gear.

Upgrades can be unlocked as you get new The Callisto Protocol weapons through The Callisto Protocol’s chapters. But, in order to do so you will also need to find currency throughout the world in the form of The Callisto Protocol’s Callisto Credits. You won’t be able to unlock every upgrade for every weapon or piece of gear so you will need to spend your credits wisely and not just go on a spending spree as you meet The Callisto Protocol characters in the prison!

The Callisto Protocol best upgrades

These are our eight best upgrades for The Callisto Protocol to buy in the Reforge 3D Printer:

  • Increased Velocity Alloy Sheath – best Stun Baton upgrade
  • Damage Upgrade Level 1 and Level 2 – best Stun Baton upgrade
  • Energy Upgrade Small and Medium – best GRP upgrade
  • GRP Velocity Upgrade Small and Medium – best GRP upgrade
  • Stability Upgrade – best Hand Cannon upgrade
  • High Capacity Magazine Upgrade – best Skunk Gun upgrade
  • High Capacity Magazine Upgrade – best Riot Gun upgrade
  • Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade – best Assault Rifle upgrade

To kick things off we will talk about your Stun Baton which will be your most used weapon to help defend yourself and keep up the pressure when you are low on ammo. The Increased Velocity Alloy Sheath is your most vital upgrade initially. Early on you will be focusing on melee almost exclusively so being able to extend your combo will keep enemies stunned and ensure you aren’t overwhelmed.

Following on from that, you will want to invest in the leftmost upgrade tree and get both Damage Upgrade Level 1 and Damage Upgrade Level 2. These are useful later in the game as you will be able to still use melee and be effective, not wasting your ammo or using it all up and leaving yourself vulnerable for a boss or miniboss just a few minutes later.

When it comes to your other tool the GRP you will also want to prioritise two different upgrade paths. The Energy Upgrade Small and Energy Upgrade Medium will allow you to use the GRP for longer. What’s not to love? Then the GRP Velocity Upgrade Small and GRP Velocity Upgrade Medium upgrades should be your next focus as they will allow you to fling enemies further and launch them into more traps, walls, or other enemies.

For weapons, you are going to want to choose the Stability Upgrade for your Hand Cannon. The gun kicks like a donkey so being able to stay on target and boost its effectiveness is welcome. For your Tactical Pistol though, you are going to want to mostly ignore it as it isn’t a useful weapon.

For both the Riot Gun and Skunk Gun the pick we recommend gunning for as soon as possible is the High Capacity Magazine Upgrade. Both guns can’t hold many bullets and reloading is a huge period of downtime in combat, so being able to hold more bullets ensures you aren’t vulnerable as much. Finally, for the Assault Rifle, you are going to want to pick the Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade. This will give you a nice damage boost for the gun, which can feel a bit like a peashooter at times.

There you have it! Our top picks for the best upgrades in The Callisto Protocol. As mentioned, you won’t be able to get all of them in one run, so you will need to prioritise spending Callisto Credits on your playstyle and really invest where it matters for you with the weapons you use the most. But these suggestions and our guides in our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough should be able to more than help you out.