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The Callisto Protocol characters - everyone in Black Iron Prison

Get an overview of The Callisto Protocol characters you will meet in your journey through Black Iron Prison's various wings and corridors

The Callisto Protocol Characters: The Warden can be seen

You might not be expecting many friendly faces when you step foot into The Callisto Protocol, but the horror experience does offer a pretty big cast of characters. The Callisto Protocol’s characters range from the utterly deranged to the friendly and helpful and before you are inducted into Black Iron, you will want a brief overview of who you will see in there.

Below you can find a list of the core characters who play a role in the main story of the game, with descriptions of them as well. If you want to know who plays them and lends their faces and voices to the characters, then our guide on The Callisto Protocol voice actors and cast can help you out after you have read through this article and before you begin making your way through the length of The Callisto Protocol.

The Callisto Protocol characters

There are a wide variety of faces and The Callisto Protocol characters who you will meet and who will assist you on your journey:

  • Jacob Lee
  • Dani Nakamura
  • Max Barrow
  • Elias Porter
  • Captain Leon Ferris
  • Dr. Caitlyn Mahler
  • Warden Duncan Cole

Below you can find an overview of their character in the game. We will be avoiding any major spoilers, however. But, there are some small story set-up details in this article.

The Callisto Protocol Characters: Jacob can be seen

Jacob Lee

Jacob Lee is the main protagonist of The Callisto Protocol and who you play. He is a cargo ship pilot that finds himself thrown into Black Iron Prison after crashing into Callisto and being pulled into the system by the Warden.

The Callisto Protocol Characters: Dani can be seen

Dani Nakamura

Dani Nakamura is one of the supporting characters in the game. She has a deep hatred for the United Jupiter Company and is a member of The Outer Way group. This is a group that aims to expose every secret from the United Jupiter Company.

The Callisto Protocol Characters: Max can be seen

Max Barrow

Max is Jacob’s co-pilot who finds himself stranded on Callisto alongside Jacob after their ship crash lands.

The Callisto Protocol Characters: Elias can be seen

Elias Porter

Elias Porter is your main ally early in the game after crossing his path while exploring the prison. Once you open his cell he will help guide you through the prison after spending decades there.

The Callisto Protocol Characters: Leon Ferris can be seen

Captain Leon Ferris

Leon Ferris is the right-hand man to the Warden and the person who throws Jacob into Black Iron Prison. With a deep hatred of the inmates at the prison, he is a ruthless and cutthroat person.

The Callisto Protocol Characters: Caitlyn Mahler can be seen

Dr. Caitlyn Mahler

Caitlyn Mahler is one of the staff members at Black Iron Prison, mainly running the medical wing. She is responsible for installing the CORE device in the necks of all the inmates.

The Callisto Protocol Characters: The Warden can be seen

Warden Duncan Cole

The warden is a mysterious figure with an overarching reach and control of the prison. He leads from the shadows rarely showing his face and instead letting Leon Ferris do his work for him.

And that covers the core The Callisto Protocol characters who make an appearance in the main story. There are of course some smaller characters found in audio logs but this is a good brief of who you need to know about before jumping in. But if you are looking for tips to help you out in-game our guides and tips can all be found in our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough.