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The Callisto Protocol length - how long to beat

How long will it take to beat The Callisto Protocol? Here's what The Loadout found out about the survival-horror game from former Dead Space developers

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The Callisto Protocol is set on a prison planet in far-flung space. It’s also created by developers who worked on Dead Space and looks just as scary as what we’ve come to expect from that confined-space nightmare fuel. But, how long to beat The Callisto Protocol? Good question.

How long it takes to beat a game is a divisive topic, with many players measuring how much gameplay they get for their money. So, how long to beat The Callisto Protocol will most likely be one of the big questions players will be asking themselves no matter how good the survival-horror game is. Luckily, we’ve found out how many hours you can get out of The Callisto Protocol.

How long to beat The Callisto Protocol?

The Callisto Protocol will take about 9-14 hours to complete depending on the difficulty setting you are on. This difficulty will also vary wildly depending on how challenging you find the game. Generally though you will find yourself within this ballpark no matter what The Callisto Protocol difficulty settings you have chosen.

The Callisto Protocol is a survival-horror experience, and so even though a maximum of 14 hours doesn’t sound long in a world of open-world time-sinks, we think it’s just the right amount for a game that focuses on narrative spooks.

That’s how long it will take to beat The Callisto Protocol. While you wait to have the nerve to play you can check out our recommendations for best PS5 horror games and best Xbox horror games if you’re looking to fill your time with scary experiences.