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The Callisto Protocol difficulty modes explained

This article will take you through The Callisto Protocol difficulty modes and the differences and challenges you can expect with each one

The Callisto Protocol Difficulty Modes: Jacob can be seen shimmying on a bridge

If you are here then you probably already know that The Callisto Protocol is an intense and challenging experience. But, there are some tweaks you can make with accessibility options and The Callisto Protocol’s difficulty modes.

There is a decent selection of options when it comes to difficulty modes in the game that allow you to make it through the harrowing The Callisto Protocol chapters. In addition to selecting your difficulty at the beginning of the game, you can also make changes throughout your playthrough if you are finding defeating the final boss in The Callisto Protocol particularly difficult.

The Callisto Protocol difficulty modes

There are three difficulty modes in The Callisto Protocol. They are:

  • Minimum Security
  • Medium Security
  • Maximum Security

When it comes to discernable differences between these difficulties, it is hard to really pin down any major changes. But, generally, as you ramp up the security level you will find enemies deal more damage, you take more damage, and resources like The Callisto Protocol’s Callisto Credits and ammo become more scarce.

In February 2023 a new Hardcore Mode will be added to the game which seemingly will offer up a fourth difficulty mode. This will likely be the hardest difficulty in the game once it has been released and even more challenging than Maximum Security. Once we have details about the mode we will update this article with what you can expect.

Those are all The Callisto Protocol difficulty modes that you can choose from to get the experience that best suits you. In addition to this, there are accessibility options like auto aim, auto dodge, melee assist, and more. If you are looking for more help as you make your way through the game then our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough has more general tips and collectible and item guides.