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The Callisto Protocol Callisto Credits and where to get them

Are you wondering where to get The Callisto Protocol Callisto Credits to be able to unlock upgrades in the Reforge? Well let us give you some tips

The Callisto Protocol Callisto Credits Get: Jacob can be seen standing by a chair and letters in blood that read "shoot the tentacles"

Callisto Credits are the main form of currency in The Callisto Protocol. They are found in various places in the environment and allow you to buy consumables and upgrade your gear and weapons at the Reforge. But, where can you get The Callisto Protocol’s Callisto Credits?

This guide will take you through the methods you can use to rack up money in the game while you are on your journey to escape Black Iron Prison. Once you have Callisto Credits you can then work on finding all of The Callisto Protocol’s weapons and choosing the best upgrades in The Callisto Protocol for weapons and gear.

How to get The Callisto Protocol Callisto Credits

There are a number of ways to get and earn The Callisto Protocol’s Callisto Credits:

  • Finding them in the environment
  • From corpses of enemies
  • From enemies after stomping on them
  • Finding items to sell around the environment
  • Sell consumables and ammo
  • Find chests

The most common way you will find Callisto Credits is by just stumbling upon them in the environment on shelves, in cabinets, and in drawers. These are small little bundles of credits which you can pick up. Similarly, small bundles of credits can sometimes drop from the corpses of dead enemies after you have killed them. And, regular enemies will drop a similar amount when you stomp on them.

The more taxing ways to earn Callisto Credits require you to do a fair bit of searching in levels. The first way you can get them is by finding junk items and things to sell at the Reforge. These include items like Printers, Decoders, Energy Converters, and other items that don’t have any use except for being sold. These will give you large amounts of Callisto Credits which can net you a couple of upgrades in one go.

Alongside selling those items, you can also sell regular consumables and ammo if you have a lot of them that you won’t use. These can also be sold at the Reforge and Health Injectors and GRP Battery Packs give larger amounts of credits compared to ammo.

Finally, you can also find chests in secret rooms around The Callisto Protocol’s chapters. These chests contain some of the sellable items above and also can contain large chunks of Callisto Credits. The chests are few and far between though so don’t expect to find a bunch of chests in the environment.

And there you have it, some of the key ways to get and earn The Callisto Protocol’s Callisto Credits. In order to make the most of your credits, you will need to ensure you find all of The Callisto Protocol’s weapon locations scattered around the levels. Then, once you do have a favourite weapon you can work on upgrading them which we have additional tips for in our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough.