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The Callisto Protocol how to defeat the final boss Captain Ferris

Are you wondering how to defeat the final boss Captain Ferris in The Callisto Protocol? Here are some tips on how to make short work of the tough fight

The Callisto Protocol Defeat Final Boss: Ferris can be seen

Have you made it through the threats in Black Iron Prison so far only to be stumped by the final boss making an appearance right at the end of the game? Well, if you are struggling, this guide will help you out as we offer up our strategy on how to defeat the final boss Captain Ferris in The Callisto Protocol.

To take on the final boss you will need to have found all of The Callisto Protocol’s weapon locations and picked up the best The Callisto Protocol upgrades from the Reforge to be powerful enough to face Ferris. But, there are some strategies you can adopt, in addition to just having good, upgraded gear.

The Callisto Protocol final boss Captain Ferris guide

There are two phases and two different strategies you want to adopt when it comes to defeating the final boss Captain Ferris in The Callisto Protocol. These are:

  • Phase one: Melee combo attacks and dodges
  • Phase two: Shoot, dodge, and keep at a distance

For that first phase, it can seem virtually impossible to get a hit or shot in as Ferris will relentlessly charge you. However, you just want to ignore shooting altogether and focus exclusively on melee combos. When Ferris charges you you want to dodge as normal. If you need help with that our The Callisto Protocol dodging guide helps explain the mechanic.

But, during his combo attacks, he will occasionally take a small break in-between two attacks. This usually happens after the first or second hit. At this moment you want to respond with a melee combat of your own after dodging. Once performing the three or four hits, he will either attack you again (which you should dodge) or throw you.

No matter what he ends up doing you want to effectively repeat this process and dodge until you get an opening, performing a melee combo in return. Eventually, a cutscene will play and phase 2 will begin.

During Phase two you want to take a similar approach to defeating the two-headed brute. That is you want to dodge any attacks that come your way and then reposition yourself by running away from Ferris’ mutated form. From there you can then shoot his front, dealing damage to him as he walks towards you.

One note is that if you get far enough away from him he may spit acid-like liquid at you. If he does this either strafe to the side or hold back to block the attack. You will recoil a little bit because of the hit and take a tiny bit of damage, but it’s the easiest way to dodge the attack.

If you hear other enemies start to scream, some of the crawling exploding enemies will spawn around the arena. At this point, you want to completely shift your attention away from the boss and try to shoot the enemies before they get close to you. The Tactical Pistol is best for this.

While avoiding the enemies you do want to be aware of where Ferris is though as you may still need to dodge an attack or two of his if you can’t find the crawling enemies. But once all four of them are dead you can shift your attention back to Ferris until they spawn again. These enemies will drop items like Health Gel and ammo so be sure to run by their corpses (or what remains of them) to grab any while you are repositioning yourself away from Ferris.

And that is about it! That is our strategy for defeating the final boss Captain Ferris in The Callisto Protocol. This is a pretty tough fight so you may need to practice a number of times before finally defeating Ferris. If you are now looking to wrap up your time with the game check out our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough for more guides, as well as our breakdown of The Callisto Protocol’s difficulty modes which goes over the differences between each one if you are planning a second playthrough.