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The Callisto Protocol how to dodge - dodging explained

Get a brief overview of The Callisto Protocol dodgding and how to dodge so that you don't end up seeing the brutal death animations over and over again

The Callisto Protcool Dodge Dodging: Jacob can be seen attacking someone with the melee axe

The Callisto Protocol doesn’t offer up many innovative ideas that you haven’t seen elsewhere. That doesn’t make it a bad game though, as it uses them within the horror genre excellently. But one of the more unique systems is The Callisto Protocol’s dodge and dodging which works unlike anything else in the genre.

This guide will take you through how dodging works and explain what you need to do to dodge. Initially, in The Callisto Protocol’s chapters, you may find this tricky but after getting a handle on it you shouldn’t have too many issues, so this guide will help you out in that regard! Dodging is key to ensuring you don’t die and encounter one of the brutal The Callisto Protocol death animations.

The Callisto Protocol dodging explained

Dodging in The Callisto Protocol is a rather unique mechanic as you have to alternate directions you are moving in to be able to dodge combo attacks and successive melee hits. This can be done by switching between holding the key or stick left and then right and then left and then right again with each successive hit.

It is unlike typical action-adventure dodge systems which have you pressing a button and is an ‘active’ dodge system that requires you to be paying attention at all times. Single hits but not a part of a combo can be dodged by moving in the same direction but any combo hit from a single enemy requires you to alternate directions.

Bosses can also be dodged alongside regular enemies but ranged attacks cannot be dodged. For these, it is best to block by holding the stick back.

By the time you get through the first two or three chapters, you should have a handle on how the dodging system works. But, if you are struggling initially don’t worry. The system is quite unique to the game and will take some practice while playing.

With the knowledge of The Callisto Protocol dodging and how to dodge, you can then become a lot better in combat as you pick up the better The Callisto Protocol weapon locations scattered throughout the chapters. With those weapons, and even your Stun Baton melee weapon, you will also need some of the best upgrades in The Callisto Protocol which can be found in our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough and tips guide.