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All The Callisto Protocol death animations

Gory, terrifying, and extremely bloody are all great words to describe all The Callisto Protocol death animations you’ll experience in-game

The Callisto Protocol Death Animations: A security robot can be seen with Jacob cowering in the corner

There’s nothing like a gruesome cutscene depicting a protagonist’s demise to get our goosebumps showing, and all The Callisto Protocol death animations turn that up to 11. Even before launch, Striking Distance Studios’ debut game had people fascinated and waiting to see all of the gory deaths that Jacob will endure in the game.

When you’re not searching for The Callisto Protocol’s secret rooms, which we can help you find, you’ll be fighting a variety of scary monsters that will have you hiding behind your pillows. Fortunately, The Callisto Protocol’s best upgrades can keep you from meeting an early demise, and for those who died less than we did, we have the death animations in The Callisto Protocol below for you to view.

The Callisto Protocol death animations

The Callisto Protocol has at least 28 death animations and they are all unique to the different scenarios and enemies in The Callisto Protocol’s chapters. You may not see them all unless you purposely get Jacob killed by Black Iron Prison’s monstrous residents, but fortunately, we’ll describe a few of the standouts below, accompanied by a video of them all.

One of the first death animations you may witness is from a simple grunt enemy. If they do enough damage to Jacob, they’ll tackle him and push their thumbs into his eyeballs, gouging them into his brain. It’s not only enemies that will offer these gruesome cutscenes though, with simple environmental factors like fans decapitating Jacob’s head clean off.

In the icy breeze of the chapter Lost, Jacob will deal with some nasty mutating enemies, one of which will swipe half of his face off, leaving his tongue and bottom jaw visible as he falls to the ground. In the same chapter, a nasty creature with tendrils in its mouth will trap you, requiring you to mash a button to escape death, but if you fail this, its tendrils will enter all of the holes in Jacob’s face, pretty gruesomely.

We think we have found all of them while playing, but we will be sure to update this article with a fresh number if there are some animations we didn’t come across. You can check out a video with some of those animations below from ‘Backseat Guides‘.

If all of The Callisto Protocol death animations aren’t reason enough to go back for another playthrough, maybe finding collectibles like The Callisto Protocol Implants is a better reason. However, if you still have some chapters of the game left, you may be wondering what The Callisto Protocol length is and how long it takes to beat and therefore how far you are away from the end of the game. Our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough also has more guides to help you out.