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The Callisto Protocol ending explained - what is in store next?

Are you looking for an ending explained guide for The Callisto Protocol? Here is what you need to know about where the game leaves off when the credits roll

The Callisto Protocol ending explained: Mahler can be seen

The Callisto Protocol is a fairly straightforward adventure with a story that while challenging to keep track of at points isn’t too complicated. But, after some decisions are made at the end of the game, you may be looking for a The Callisto Protocol ending explained guide to help you pull together all the narrative threads.

Thankfully, ask and you shall receive. This guide will talk you through what the ending means and where the series could be heading next as we get to know The Callisto Protocol’s characters more.

The Callisto Protocol ending explained

At the end of The Callisto Protocol, Jacob puts Dani into the escape pod and sends her out of the tower, alongside a small larvae specimen which she can use to expose the truth about what was happening on Callisto and in Black Iron Prison. Upon returning to Jacob, fending off creatures, Dr. Mahler appears and tells him that there is a way out but he has to help here.

From there the game cuts to the credits and clearly sets the stage for a sequel which we would very much like to see. Presumably, in this sequel, we will get to know about the experiments being run at Black Iron and originally in the colony on Callisto. And, with Mahler referencing the secret organisation known as Kallipolis in the game, she may be able to tell us more about who they are.

In this ending, you fight Captain Ferris who has been used as a vessel to recreate the original Alpha target that died when the Warden wanted to advance human evolution. Here you realise that the Warden isn’t actually in the Tower and is instead elsewhere, running things on Callisto, likely hinting at his return in a future game.

In addition, Jacob lets Dani go because he has come to terms with the fact that he helped cause the outbreak on Callisto as he was part of the process of delivering the larvae specimens, albeit unwillingly. That is why he accepts he must die in Callisto and Dani and The Outer Way should be the ones to expose the Warden’s activities.

There you have it! That is The Callisto Protocol’s ending and the clear setup for a second game if we see it. Reviews of the game overall have been mixed so a sequel isn’t as certain as it seemed pre-release, but we enjoyed the game quite a bit in our The Callisto Protocol review. If you are jumping in our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough also has a bunch of guides to help you out!