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You can start Lords of the Fallen with a powerful build, for a price

Lords of the Fallen is almost here, and if you want to conquer the HexWorks soulslike right from the start, there is a way to obtain a powerful build early on.

lords of the fallen deluxe edition

Soulslike fans are set to test their mettle in Lords of the Fallen, the upcoming soft reboot of the titular HexWorks franchise. Even if you’re a seasoned warrior in games like Dark Souls or Elden Ring, you’ll still need your wits about to you survive. To make your adventure swifter, looking into Lords of the Fallen Deluxe Edition could be the ideal choice if you’re eager to kick the game off with a bang.

Picking one of the many Lords of the Fallen classes will be your first port of call, which can be anything between the crossbow carrying Blackfeather Ranger or the miserable Condemned class. You’re asking for trouble if you pick the latter. However, Lords of the Fallen Deluxe Edition comes with access to the Dark Crusader class, which is unlockable later in the game for players purchasing the standard version. Not only is the Dark Crusader’s badass visage pictured on much of the game’s key art, you’ll be able to use the following items from the beginning:

  • Crusader Greatsword
  • Crusader Heavy Armor
  • Rosary Catalyst

Lords of the Fallen Deluxe Edition Dark Crusader class

Following our Lords of the Fallen preview at Gamescom, we can confidently tell you that using any aid you can get will make your first enemy encounters less stressful. We’ve also been hands-on with the game in a different preview, which reinforced the game’s of chances as emerging as one of the best RPG games 2023 has to offer. Whether the Lords of the Fallen release date yields an experience that sticks the landing, well, that remains to be seen.

It is worth noting that the Dark Crusader’s nature of using heavy weaponry and bulky armor will result in a reduction to your dexterity, so you’ll need to time your rolls and attacks accordingly. However, in return with your statistical choices in Lords of the Fallen character creation, you’ll start off with a fairly strong build to explore Umbral and Axiom. But will you be mighty enough to knock down some of the toughest Lords of the Fallen bosses early on in the game? We’ll let you flex your skills to decide that.

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You can check out Lords of the Fallen Deluxe Edition on Xbox or on PlayStation 5, but don’t forget to learn about Lords of the Fallen multiplayer – which is set to offer “seamless co-op“.