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Don’t miss a massive discount for Starfield competitor No Man’s Sky

If you're curious about Starfield's main rival, No Man's Sky, then you don't want to miss this fantastic discount for the Hello Games RPG on Xbox and PS5.

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We all love a good debate when it comes to games, and the discussion around Starfield and No Man’s Sky is one of the most heated arguments of recent memory. The Bethesda and Hello Games RPG’s share a lot in common, but execute a different approach to the vastness of space. If you’ve played the former and want to see how No Man’s Sky shapes up after years of updates, then this PS5 and Xbox discount isn’t to be missed.

Currently, on both the digital marketplaces for the PlayStation and Xbox, No Man’s Sky is sporting a superb 50% off discount. Normally retailing for $59.99/£40.00 at full price, you can now acquire one of the best RPG games on either platform for $29.99/£19.99. First released back in 2016, No Man’s Sky famously garnered controversy around its lack of several key features. However, since the game debuted, developer Hello Games has seriously turned the game around with a slew of sizeable updates for the game.

It is also one of the best PSVR 2 games too as a result of these updates, which also add expanded companions, crafting, ship fleets, and combat both on the ground and in space drastically. The Fractal update in particular was a leap forward for all these features, however, they may seem familiar to what Starfield‘s gameplay contains.

When it comes to elements like spacecraft, Starfield ships boasts a wealth of customization features that No Man’s Sky doesn’t offer. Yet, No Man’s Sky is likely to win you over with one key feature: you can fly to all the planets you discover without loading screens.

While you might need to warp to different areas of the galaxy or engage hyperdrive, you won’t be entering separate menus to reach your objective. Although, it can take you literal hours to fly to planets, if you wish to do so. There’s also multiplayer to dip into, whether you’re setting on an Expedition or just hanging around with up to three of your friends.

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The latest update, Echoes, include refinements such as the following according to Hello Games: “Space combat has also been overhauled with freighter-on-freighter battles against the Pirates. Only the most courageous Travellers who are prepared to brave close quarters trench-runs under the enemy freighter’s shields will be able to isolate the threat and prevail in these epic space battles.”

You don’t have long to buy No Man’s Sky at this discounted rate, as the PlayStation Store sale ends on Thursday, October 12, 2023, while the Xbox Store sale concludes on Monday, October, 9, 2023. Don’t forget to check out the PS Plus October 2023 games roster, as well as the Xbox Game Pass October 2023 games line up, too.