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Honkai Star Rail leaks reveal sneaky look at new character Boothill

Boothill is a new Honkai Star Rail character rumored to join the HoyoVerse game in the future, with some big space cowboy energy to take note of.

Honkai Star Rail boothill leaks

It can be easy to lose count of how many characters are roaming around in Honkai Star Rail. Just like Genshin Impact, HoyoVerse continues to expand the lore of the popular RPG with vibrant new people to meet, and fresh leaks indicate that isn’t changing anytime soon. Now, notable HoyoVerse enthuasist ‘StepLeaker’ uncovers Honkai Star Boothill leaks to dig into.

Alongside the Honkai Star Rail Huohuo release date, fans of one of the best RPG games on PS5 can look forward to the alleged arrival of Boothill in the future. Seemingly sporting a cowboy aesthetic of sorts, it is possible that Boothill is purely a code name for the character. Lore wise, this still remains secretive, but fans of the game like ‘cyllabaoth’ speculate how Boothill will fare upon release: “Ok, so going off [their] color scheme […] he’s either physical, lightning or fire with physical being the most likely.”

StepLeaker previously claims that the in-development name of Boothill is ‘Botio/Porteo’, and alongside his particular awesome golden firearm, Boothill could emerge as a new Hunt character for players to utilize. Characters within Honkai Star Rail all posses dedicated Honkai Star Rail paths.

Boothill Full Body Side Profile via Stepleaker and Blednaya
byu/Far-Papaya6215 inHonkaiStarRail_leaks

Unlike Erudition or Bruiser-based characters, those that have the Hunt path are well suited for single-target combat, defeating enemies and bosses with ease. A golden-gun toting cowboy seems well suited for some duels, we think.

If you are curious as to what Boothill looks like, you can get a glimpse of the character above via the Honkai Star Rail leaks subreddit. Whether Boothill will be intricate to craft the best Honkai Star Rail builds remains to be seen, but we’re always eager to see if new additions can shake up the Honkai Star Rail tier list. Let’s hope the character’s initial design lives up to the hype, but in the meantime, you could be missing out some easy additions for your inventory.

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