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This new fan-made Starfield galaxy map is perfect for Xbox explorers

If you find yourself getting lost in Bethesda's Starfield, which is easy to do, this new fan-made galaxy map is the perfect tool for you.

Starfield galaxy map fan-made: an image of Sarah Morgan

Bethesda’s Starfield is a huge game and it’s far too easy to get a little lost when you’re exploring on Xbox. Thankfully, one fan has spent their time throwing together a Starfield galaxy map that is the perfect tool for anyone looking to plan their next space-based adventure. From system levels to whether contraband is okay (or not), this detailed map really does have everything you would need to know at a glance.

We know we say this a lot, but Bethesda’s Starfield really is one of the best Xbox Game Pass games available right now and easily one of the best RPG games we’ve seen in a long time. A key factor contributing to this is the unguided exploration on offer and Bethesda’s attempt at giving Xbox players a full galaxy of over 1,000 Starfield planets to explore. When you count all the celestial bodies and space stations you can visit, this number is even higher – and even more overwhelming. If you’re not careful, it can be quite easy to stumble into a system where you’re underleveled. It’s also easier to get lost more generally speaking than you might think.

Thankfully, you’re not alone out there in the cosmos and there’s a growing selection of fan-made tools to help you navigate Starfield. One of the best we’ve ever seen is this newly-updated galaxy map from graphic designer Matt Benson – who goes by MattGyver (like the fictional secret agent MacGyver) online.

As you can see from this Reddit post shared by ‘MattGyver‘ himself online (or this high-resolution image of the galaxy map on MattGyver.com), this fan-made map really does have every major detail you could want to know about the Settled Systems in one place.

Updated Starfield map to share—includes notable locations like Neon, Vlad’s villa, etc. (also grab the high res on my website) Enjoy!
byu/Mattgyvercom inStarfield

With color-coded system levels shown, indicators highlighting which systems have unique resources available (and those resources listed), and even an icon to show which systems allow contraband goods, this map has a lot of information packed into it – all of it useful.

Interestingly, it’s also a great visualization of the spread of high-level systems compared to low-level ones. Generally speaking, it looks like the further ‘west’ you go in Starfield, the more difficult you’re going to find it. It also highlights that only four systems actually allow contraband trading: Wolf, Porrima, Kryx, and Volii. This information is available in Starfield, of course, but it’s much easier to quickly identify using Benson’s map.

Is this something that’s going to help you get your hands on the best Starfield weapons available? Well, not exactly – they’re not marked on this map, anyway. Although, with many players under the impression that higher-level systems offer higher-level loot, you can use this to identify where you can Grav Drive jump to next. It even lists all the distances between systems, too.

Also, all the Starfield cities and systems with a shipyard are shown with a star symbol. This will make it easy for anyone with a full cargo bay, or anyone looking for new ship parts, to find the closest system to them with the right vendors ready to trade. Although, you may stumble across someone willing to buy something when you’re out exploring other systems. Starfield is full of surprises.

As good as those surprises are, Starfield fans aren’t fully happy with everything Bethesda is presenting them with right now. A faction of fans is confident that this simple New Game Plus change will actually “give it purpose” – which is a damning opinion if we’ve ever seen one. Although, there is also this crafty Starfield weapon case glitch you can use to get god rolls. So, it’s not all bad and things like Benson’s map make the whole experience a little easier – in our opinion.