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You can get 4 Gold Rare FC 24 players for free right now, here’s how

It is easy to get Erling Haaland on your side in EA Sports FC 24 alongside Gold Rare players, because of the first FC 24 Prime Gaming pack.

EA Sports FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack

EA Sports FC 24 is still relatively fresh on PS5 and Xbox platforms, meaning that the game’s potential is only set to increase. Whether you’ve already purchased FC 24 or thinking of picking up the spiritual FIFA sequel, you can make things way easier with a head start courtesy of Amazon. If you haven’t checked out the FC 24 Prime Gaming rewards, this is what is currently on offer.

Though it might innovate on the FIFA formula completely for some FC 24 players, the recent EA Sports entry is still one of the best sports game to pick up right now. If you head to over Prime Gaming before Monday, November 20, 2023, you can claim the first of many FC 24 Prime Gaming packs. “Hit the ground running as you battle it out for glory with Erling Haaland on an 8 game loan,” Amazon says in a description of the pack.

With Haaland on your side, you can also “assemble your team with 4 Rare Gold Players and an 81+ player pick. Plus, kickoff your team’s game with 6 Rare consumables.” Specifically, here is a run-down of all the rewards you can get your hands on:

  • 4x Gold Rare Players (Untradeable)
  • 1x Player Pick with min OVR 81+ (Untradeable)
  • 6x Rare Consumables
  • 1x Haaland Loan Item (for 8 Ultimate Team matches)

EA Sports FC 24 Prime Gaming Rewards

Apart from stargazing at all the brilliant FC 24 Icons, these rewards are a fantastic way of getting your foot in the door at the start of your FC 24 journey. The logical next step would be to pursue your FC 24 Ultimate Team aspirations, a returning feature for the brand-new iteration of the popular soccer franchise. We recommend pairing the above items with these methods to get FC 24 XP fast, as well these other ways to get free FC 24 packs.

While it is a stinger that you can’t own Haaland outright with this pack, that would make things a little too easy in one of the best soccer games around. After all, you need to experience a brutal loss in a soccer game at least once. We’ve all been there. Although, you might know there is actually another way to get a free Haaland Founders card for Ultimate Team. Just don’t miss out on these FC 24 Founder Status rewards, either.

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Sure, there are loads of new Xbox games and new PS5 games approaching, but if you don’t act now, you won’t get these awesome freebies. That’s all there is to it.