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Warzone Season 6 tried to nerf this gun to oblivion, but it’s failed

In a shocking turn of events, Call of Duty's huge Season 6 nerfs haven't affected the Kastov 762's performance and it's still the most popular Warzone gun.

Warzone Season 6 most popular gun: an image of an alien from Call of Duty

Do you remember how good the Kastov 762 was before Warzone Season 6 rolled around and the battle royale nerfed it into the ground to force everyone to use other assault rifle options? Well, we remember that massive nerf, but things seem to be playing out a little differently beyond that. Two weeks into the new season and the most popular Warzone weapon remains the same; Call of Duty players still can’t get enough of the Kastov 762.

We know a brand new Warzone map might seem like the most obvious way for Call of Duty to claw back Warzone‘s reputation – and its position as one of the best battle royale games out there – but it’s not the be-all and end-all you think it is. Maintaining a healthy Warzone meta through balancing changes is undeniably an important part of keeping things ticking over until the next major update. However, in spite of attempts to knock the most popular Warzone weapon ahead of Season 6 down a peg and keep the meta flowing, one assault rifle still reigns supreme two weeks after the update – just about.

Despite suffering a rather dramatic drop in usage from pre-Season 6 levels, the Kastov 762 is still the most popular weapon in this battle royale. WZStats shows a Kastov 762 usage rate of just over 8.5% and WZRanked lists the Kastov 762 at the top of it’s meta, with clearly the most loadout options available for players to pick from.

We know that percentage is a lot lower than it was (the Kastov 762 was floating around 30% pre-update), but it’s one of only two assault rifle options in the top five and over 1% more than the TR-76 Geist (the other assault rifle). When you think about all the best Warzone AR options out there and the sheer number of weapons in general, 8.5% is still a large portion of players. It’s clear that this is still one of the best Warzone weapons out there, even after the huge nerfs.

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If you’re looking to take advantage of this assault rifle while you can, you can find the best Warzone Kastov 762 loadout out there right here. We’re not expecting a weapon balancing update for a couple of weeks yet, but you should still make the most of this extended period of dominance while you can. You can also check out the wider best Warzone loadouts here, if you’re looking for something a little different.

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