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ExpressVPN gets huge update ahead of Modern Warfare 3 release

A new ExpressVPN update sees the addition of new features that are sure to put a smile on the faces of anyone planning to play Modern Warfare 3.

ExpressVPN on a Modern Warfare 3 soldier's shield as they defend themselves from a zombie monster,

Modern Warfare 3 comes out just next month, and ExpressVPN has just had a bountiful update that involves a plethora of new features. The timing for this is perfect because we’ve been recommending that VPN for use with Call of Duty games for years.

If you’re wondering what exactly a VPN service update has to do with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, allow us to explain. ExpressVPN will make a fine Modern Warfare 3 VPN, because it will protect you from DDoS attacks from bitter losers, help you to get easier lobbies when you keep getting matched with highly-trained killing machines, and stop your greedy internet service provider (ISP) from slowing things down when you’re using a lot of bandwidth. How convenient that it’s being updated just before the Call of Duty MW 3 release date.

The most appealing part of this update for COD fans will be the fact that the ExpressVPN server network has expanded into 105 countries – allowing players to connect through even more regions than was previously possible. With extra servers in the mix, you also reduce the risk of experiencing any slowdown as a consequence of server congestion.

Additionally, it includes new features for blocking ads and adult content, along with an increase in the allowance for simultaneous connections (putting it up to eight). This last point is particularly exciting since it means that you could be in your room, using it as an Xbox VPN, while your friends or family members in the next room can be using it as a PlayStation VPN. Will Modern Warfare 3 have crossplay? Why, yes, it will, so you can all play together too.

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