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The best Modern Warfare 2 VPN and how to get easier lobbies

This is how you can use a Modern Warfare 2 VPN in order to gain access to easier lobbies and improve your multiplayer experience with a smoother connection.

Modern Warfare 2 VPN: The player can be seen walking up a set of stairs

The latest instalment in the Call of Duty series has finally arrived and you’re gonna want to make sure you’ve got a Modern Warfare 2 VPN before you dive into its new multiplayer mode.

This will give you a taste of Al Mazrah (a setting you’ll soon be exploring further in Warzone 2.0), along with a selection of exciting new maps set in locales around the world.

Which is the best Modern Warfare 2 VPN?

We’ve recommended a few gaming VPNs in our guides on the best router VPNs (many gamers will be connecting their VPNs through routers in order to use them on gaming consoles). If you don’t have time to read through them, we recommend you choose ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN has a good selection of over 3,000 servers in more than 94 countries. This will come in handy because each server potentially gives you access to a better connection and more appealing lobbies. It also refreshes its servers’ IP addresses at a more frequent rate than many other providers, so even if one of the servers got blocked for whatever reason, it’d only be so long before it gets refreshed and can hop right back in.

ExpressVPN’s unique Lightway protocol offers speeds that make it one of the fastest VPN services. This is going to be particularly useful for anybody hoping to avoid lag and other connection troubles mid-game.

But what’s the point in getting a Modern Warfare 2 VPN? Well, everyone knows the frustration of not being able to get through a game because your connection keeps dropping, or of losing at the last minute because of lag. Using a VPN can help to enhance the strength of your connection while you play.

Meanwhile, if you find yourself consistently getting lobbies with opponents that are too difficult for you to defeat, connecting through a VPN could help you to get different, easier lobbies too. But how do you do this? We’ve got a simple guide for you to follow below, though you might also want to read our guides on the best Xbox VPN services and the best PS5 and PS4 VPN for some further information.

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How a Modern Warfare 2 VPN can improve performance

We mentioned before that a VPN can help you to avoid connection troubles when playing Modern Warfare 2 online. This is because your internet service provider (ISP) might actually be to blame for the connectivity issues, and without its meddling, you might be able to play just fine.

When a certain activity uses a lot of bandwidth, your ISP will artificially reduce the download speeds of that activity. As you can imagine, games like Modern Warfare 2 can often use a lot of bandwidth, so are common victims of ISP shenanigans.

When your VPN is turned on, it will mask your activities and so even though your ISP will know that you’re using a lot of bandwidth, it won’t know which device (or app) in particular is responsible, and so it won’t be able to slow your connection speeds down. Sucker.

Modern Warfare 2 VPN: image shows a man in a skull mask gazing down the sights of sniper rifle.

How to get easier lobbies in Modern Warfare 2

While there’s never been an official statement on this, Call of Duty fans know from experience that the lobbies you’re put in match you up with players that have been determined to be equal to your ability. Good in theory, but what happens if you get lucky in your first few games and all of a sudden the algorithm thinks you’re a pro? Some players have the problem of being perpetually matched against opponents far too skilled for them.

With a Modern Warfare 2 VPN, you can take steps to avoid this problem. Connecting through a VPN can get you a different selection of lobbies and, in theory, these could be easier ones. If you find that you’ve connected through the VPN and your opponents are still too difficult, then you can just change the server and try again. Eventually, you should find things getting a bit easier.

Can you get banned for using a Modern Warfare 2 VPN?

Nah. Nothing in Activision’s Terms of Service prohibits the use of a VPN. Players have been using Warzone VPNs for some time without issue, and there’s no reason to think that you might get in trouble if you used one to enhance your experience in the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

How to set up a Modern Warfare 2 VPN

There are a number of different methods for setting up a VPN to use on your gaming consoles, but these will vary depending on the resources you have access to. Check out our guides on how to use a VPN on PS4 or PS5 and how to use a VPN on Xbox for in-depth step-by-step instructions for each method.

With all this knowledge on a Modern Warfare 2 VPN, you can begin dominating games with the best guns and weapons.