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Remnant 2 DLC isn’t required to access these vital class upgrades

The first Remnant 2 DLC is set to bring a suite of changes to the Remnant 2 class system, but you won't need the DLC to get access to them.

Remnant 2 new update ps5 xbox

Whether you’re diving into Remnant 2 for the first time or awaiting the first Remnant 2 DLC drop, it won’t take long to become acquainted with every facet of the game’s robust class system. You aren’t necessarily locked into your choices, but when it comes to aspects like traits and buffs for your character, you’ll need to use them with precision. Luckily, the new Remnant 2 DLC will bring forth fresh quality-of-life changes, and you won’t need to shell out any extra money.

Following the recent reveal of an increase to the Remnant 2 trait cap, alongside changes to armor, Gunfire Games principal designer Ben Cureton clarifies how players can get access to these benefits for one of the best RPG games of 2023. “Update: The Trait Cap increase will come with DLC 1, but it will NOT require DLC purchase,” explains Cureton in a new social media post.

While some Remnant 2 players may have expected these changes to arrive in a separate update, the seemingly impending DLC drop is your best bet to experience refinements to all the Remnant 2 classes. Cureton adds that “it will simply be in the update/patch that comes with the DLC. [The] Trait Cap increase will be, of course, free.” Currently, players who explore Remnant 2 will hit a trait cap of 60, which Cureton previously confirms will increase to 85 trait points.

remnant 2 dlc upgrade patch

It isn’t quite the monstrous total that the first Remnant game affords, as the base game alone has over 600 trait points to take advantage of. That was soon brought up to over 800 with subsequence DLCs, and this will likely be the case with Remnant 2. The game is set to usher three major expansion packs, each of them bringing new enemies, realms, and weapons to use. We’ve already had a blast using many of the best Remnant 2 weapons, so they can only get wilder and more bombastic from here.

While a release date for the upcoming first entry of Remnant 2 DLC is unknown, Gunfire Games teases another update that is set to drop imminently. “Get ready for our next big Quality of Life update coming this week by mixing and matching your favorite Archetypes,” a recent social media post expresses.

Remnant 2 quality of life update

The fun is only just getting started with Remnant 2, so if you haven’t played of many new PS5 games and new Xbox games to drop in 2023, you may want to put it on your radar.