This is proof why you treat Starfield gymnastics too harshly

Pooling your Starfield skill points into health or weapon buffs might be your go to choice, but this is why you should consider leaping around Oblivion style.

Starfield gymnastics mastery

Now that Starfield has been out for a little while now, we don’t doubt that many of you are grinding for all the Starfield skills available. It can be tempting to focus on more appealing options for espionage or ship piloting, but it might actually be time to consider just how nimble your character is out there in the galaxy.

Sure, you might be able to take down legions of enemies from different Starfield factions, but can you do it with the grace of an incredible athlete? Well, in their quest to craft one of the best Starfield builds in the game, Starfield player ‘Space_Scumbag’ showcases the vast potential of hopping over buildings with style. The secret to their success is simple: pump all your skill points into the Gymnastics skill tree. You’ll need to reach Gymnastics Level 4 in the acclaimed Bethesda RPG, but once you’ve got there, all you need is a little Red Amp to get your heart going.

You’re not the only one that is surprised by just how excellent, and more importantly, fun this looks. “We didn’t realize you could do this until now because nobody else has ever put points into gymnastics,” comments ‘ThawtPolice’. There’s no shame in admitting it either, because as far as using Gymnastics to unlock the ability to slide, progressing with it in one of the best RPG games of 2023 doesn’t initially seem worth it.

Oblivion Level Jumping (Gymnastics Lvl 4 + RedAmp)
byu/Space_Scumbag inStarfield

Acquiring the skill points you need to reach Level 4 won’t be easy if this looks compelling to you. Here’s what you need to do to max out this skill:

  • Gymnastics Level 1: Spent a total of 4 skill points in the Physical tree (unlocks Gymnastics)
  • Gymnastics Level 2: Take 100 fall damage
  • Gymnastics Level 3: Kill 5 enemies in Zero-G environments
  • Gymnastics Level 4: Kill 20 enemies in Zero-G environments

It is at Level 4 where you will unlock “increased jump height. Run faster after combat sliding or mantling.” Other players wonder whether this kind of athletic prowess can lead to game-breaking feats, as ‘IsraelZulu’ comments, “do you launch yourself into orbit on low-grav planets?”

Sadly, that isn’t the case. “It’s not literal, but I’ve done this in a 0.03 planet, and you can REALLY get up there,” ‘throwawayzsss’ responds. While it would be hilarious to have that kind of power, it doesn’t mean it is completely out of the question. If you put some skill points into Boost Pack Training, you’ll be able to combined with these mega-jumps with great results.

When you’re ready for a new challenge, there is always Starfield new game plus to consider. Don’t be afraid of losing out on some goodies along the way, that’s why we’ve made it easy to find all the best Starfield weapons in your next adventure.

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