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New MW3 campaign leaks show how many Open Combat missions you’ll play

A new set of Modern Warfare 3 campaign leaks claim that this Call of Duty game will offer players 14 missions in total, with five of those being Open Combat.

MW3 leaks campaign missions: an image of Price, Ghost, and a thinking emoji

If you’re a Call of Duty fan looking forward to Modern Warfare 3, we’re really in the endgame now. The MW3 beta is coming to a close and now all we can really do is wait for the full launch. If, though, you want to know just how much story there is to sit through during early access, you’ll be interested to learn that new MW3 campaign leaks claim five open combat missions will be sprinkled into a campaign that’s 14 missions long. That’s three fewer than Modern Warfare 2’s offering.

We know Sledgehammer Games is trying to make sure that this is one of the best FPS games out there when it arrives, but Modern Warfare 3 has a lot more to offer Call of Duty fans that are a little disillusioned with the current state of multiplayer. Not only do players have MW3 Zombies to look forward to, but there’s also a MW3 campaign missions list to work through; with Makarov back, Price and Task Force 141 really have their work cut out for them.

In Call of Duty’s campaign teaser, we got a glimpse of a MW3 mission seemingly named ‘Operation 627’ – in which, we saw several aquatic operators infiltrate a gulag to recover a prisoner hidden within. We’re still not certain who Prisoner #627 is (although it’s either Captain Price or Makarov, realistically), and we don’t really know where this sits in the campaign – as it’s the only mission we’ve really seen.

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However, a new leak from ‘MWIIINTEL‘ – which offers up 14 Modern Warfare 3 campaign mission codenames – could mean that this is the first one we actually play.

As you can see below, the leaks claim that the following missions will be playable in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign:

  • VIP
  • Chemical (Open Combat)
  • Port (Open Combat)
  • Silo
  • Ranch (Open Combat)
  • Hijack
  • Flashback
  • Resort (Open Combat)
  • APT
  • Tundra
  • Dam (Open Combat)
  • Gunship
  • Surge
  • Milbase

MW3 leaks campaign mission list tweet: an image of the list above on X (Twitter)

Of the above missions, we suspect that VIP or Flashback will be where the previously mentioned (and previously shown) ‘Operation 627’ sits. It is, though, worth taking everything – including the name ‘Operation 627’ itself – with a pinch of salt until the Modern Warfare 3 release date rolls around. Even though it might seem unlikely, these things could change ahead of launch.

One mission we do know a little bit about, though, is Dam. Discussing the Modern Warfare 3 open combat missions in more detail ahead of launch, Call of Duty reveals that this mission will see Ghost “defuse several bomb sites in the vicinity of the dam, one of which is on a moving truck”. The way you go about this mission is up to you, as this Call of Duty Blog post explains, and you can take advantage of field upgrades, vehicles, and more throughout.

Other than that, Call of Duty is keeping the story details a secret. We do know, though, that you can pet the dog in MW3 Zombies – and that you can actually get yourself a free copy of MW3 with this Razer PS5 controller. So, there’s things to talk about before the Modern Warfare 3 early access arrives.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies leaks are claiming that DMZ style pay-to-win aspects are coming though, which is a shame (even though it’s really not that surprising after last year). But, MW3 Zombies is the recovery COD Zombies needs after Vanguard; as much as we enjoy all COD Zombies, that one was one of the worst. As for the MW3 campaign, though? We have very high hopes.